Deck of Death

AO: Galaxy

When: 01/17/2019

QIC: Tweaker

PAX (): Tweaker, Baby Face, Yahtzee, Turbine, Secret, Venus, Cha-Ching, WideRight

F3 Workout Deck

8 PAX came out in freezing weather to play cards this morning.

We started with a mosey to warm up followed by

10 Weekpickers

10 Imperial Walkers


The Thang

YHC showed with official F3 cards this am.  Started with some basic rules

Number cards were the number + 10

Face cards were 25

Aces 100

See below for the exercises.  This was a lot of fun.  Will have to do again.

Ace Hearts SSH Side-Straddle Hops
2 Hearts Sprint 200 Meters
3 Hearts Sprint 300 Meters
4 Hearts Sprint 400 Meters
5 Hearts Karaoke
6 Hearts Backward Run
7 Hearts Bear Crawl
8 Hearts Squat Thrust
9 Hearts Butt Kick R
Jack Hearts Plank Jack
Queen Hearts Burpee
King Hearts Mountain Climber

Ace Clubs Flutter Kick
2 Clubs WWII Situp
3 Clubs High, Slow Flutter Kick
4 Clubs Heels to Heaven
5 Clubs Oblique Crunch
6 Clubs Low Plank
7 Clubs Lil Baby Crunch
8 Clubs Luge
9 Clubs High Plank T
10 Clubs Rosalita
Jack Clubs Shoulder Tap
Queen Clubs Freddie Mercury
King Clubs American Hammer

Ace Diamonds Arm Circles
2 Diamonds Hand Clap Merkin
3 Diamonds Chuck Norris Merkin
4 Diamond Carolina Dry Dock
5 Diamond Hand-Release Merkin
7 Diamond Derkins
8 Diamond Merkin
9 Diamond Ranger Merkin
10 Diamond Incline Merkin
Jack Diamond Dips
Queen Diamond Diamond Merkin
King Diamond Merkin

Ace Spade Calf Raise
2 Spade Bulgarian Split Squat
3 Spade Wojo Squat
4 Spade Alternating Side Squat
5 Spade Standing Lunge
6 Spade Jumping Lunge
7 Spade Monkey Humper
8 Spade Backward Lunge
9 Spade Low, Slow Squat
10 Spade Lunge Walk
Queen Spade Monkey Humper
King Spade Squat

Made it 75% though the deck before time was called.


  • Prayer for Sparky knee
    • Chelsea Ankle
    • Secret Job search
    • Blue Travel

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