Retro Saturday

AO: Shadow

When: 01/12/2019


PAX (): Seles, Madoff, Sleeper, Brass Monkey

Sleeper set the tone for a retro Saturday workout at Austin with his very stylish old school sweat pants. Sleeper also had the quote of the day with  a blinding insight “Wow, these really do make you sweat!”

Fireballs got us going by dropping off the shovel flag and heading up to north GA with Scout to run the Hogpen Hill Climb, in what was forecasted to be a lovely day – 35 degrees and rain. The Pax and I were sorry we missed that event.

The Thang:

2 x (12 x SSH, 12 x Imperial Squaker, 12 x Stone Mountains)
Mosey to DNC grassy area
Jack Webbs –  1 merkin: 4 airpress, pyramid to 7 and back
Mosey to lower benches
11’s jump ups/derkins
Run the steps 5 times
Back to benches
11’s step ups/dips
Run the steps 3 times – hands up
Mosey to mary
Plank – 60 sec, 24 x low flutter, 12 x H2H, 24 x box cutter, 24 x LBC, Plank – 60 sec.
Pyramids uphill
1 PrisonCell Pushup
2 Inch worms with merkin in middle
3 Broad Jumps
4 Hand Release Burpees
5 Bear Crawls
Back to 1 PrisonCell Pushup
Wash and repeat for 10 minutes moving uphill
Run to top of hill
5 x Curb merkins
Mosey to Austin
60 sec Wall sit & 12 8ct Body Builder
60 sec Wall sit & 12 MilMerkins
12 x Imperial Squakers



I have not done Jack Webbs in a while and thought they would be a treat for the Pax. Little did I know that I would still be sore two days later.

Brass Monkey found us in the gloom by using by listening for the sound of mumblechatter off in the distance.


It was a good day to work, all were glad the rain held off until the afternoon.

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