11’s and Crabicides

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/15/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): Jackelope, Squeak, Divot, Squeegee, Rooney, Sellout, Swamp Donkey, Doogie, Bieber, Bear, Foley, Raider, Hattrick, Rusty, Maddog, Goat, Queen, Aflac

YHC was looking forward to a good Monday crowd – looking back it’s been mostly Fridays and Wednesdays for me so wanted to get the week started right for 19 Pax ready to sweat away.


We start out with a warm-up mosey, pause at the hill next to the tennis courts for a quick disclaimer then get a few backwards laps up the hill and down so our legs know what’s coming.

The Thang

  • We end our mosey at the building where it’s 11’s consisting of Donkey Kicks and Merkins.
    • 1 DK – sprint to far side of parking lot, 10 Merkins and so on
    • I even noticed a few (Aflac, Squeegee and Bear) going for some extra credit – nice job men.
  • We migrate over to the side wall to the right of the field where more 11’s are in store.
    • 1 Dip, 10 Derkins and so on.
    • The shoulders and arms were starting to get tired.
  • We make our 3rd stop the football field where YHC tried a new invention…the crabicide.
    • The Pax crabwalk from the goal line to the 10 and sprint back; 20 and back, 30 and back, 40 and back, 50 and back.
      • The option of a bear crawl was thrown out halfway through as the Pax were noticeably unhappy with the amount of crabwalking.
    • Waiting for the six we make laps around the field to get even more running in before doing a 90% run back to the flag.

6:15 was waiting on us when we got there and I did as I always set out to do – completely exhaust myself in my own Q.


  • Pray for Divot’s friend who lost his wife
  • Prayers for Maddog and the relationship with his father (which sounds like we are all very familiar with our own)

Always enjoy this crew’s company whether at a beer mile in the afternoon or a sweatfest in the morning.  I think everyone would agree – this truly is one of the best upgrades in my life and thankful for F3 day in and day out.

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