I Came To Dunwoody for This?

AO: Shadow - DHS

When: 01/08/2019

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Brass Monkey, Billboard, Fireballs, Fizz, Madoff, Manhole, Scout, Sleeper, SnakeOil and the visiting Bartman

9 brothers (including Bartman…no, not that Bartman, the one from Raleigh) joined YHC in an effort to get better, in the gloom on this early January morning. YHC, fresh off the boat (or plane) from the equator decided to self inflict some wounds to jumpstart the year.

Quick WarmORama: All IC and X12 (two rounds) Imperial Walkers, SSH, Squats, and Mountain Climbers.

Mosey to the track for a nice warmup lap.

Mosey to the marble benches for the….

Thang: Super 21. You have your 21 and then you have your “Super 21”. A few lads had experienced this once before. This is all OYO, starting off with 1 each, Dip, Squat, Incline Merkin. Then 2 each, Dips, Squats, Incline Merkins…well, you get the idea. (There was a lot of mumble chatter)

As we wrapped up, planking was involved. We mosey’d back to and around the track to the far side for some quick track work:  3 x100 build a sprint, followed by 3 x50 all out sprint. Walk around the curve and then lunge walk.

One final 100 Yard Jailbreak back to the other end.

Circle up around the pole for some MARY.

All IC and x15. Rosalita, Low Dolly, Flutter, LBC, Oblique (L/R), Freddie Mercury and Box Cutters (only 10 each of the last two).

Recover and mosey back to the parking lot. 5 HR Merkins OYO.

COT – Madoff took us out.

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