Freezing Foley Friday Fun

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/11/2019

QIC: Foley

PAX (): Zima, Squeegee, Aflac, Uno-bean, Sprocket, Jackelope, Rusty, Grease Monkey, Smack Down, Mad Dog, Tweaker, Divot, Swamp Donkey, Bieber, Yankee, Dead Beat, Sell-Out, Blue, Bear, Ozzie, Couch & Foley

So Cold. 

Started with a few burpees to get blood flowing followed by a mosey to the pond (evidentially it isn’t great to start with burpees when no one is warmed up…)Then a little you pick, lunge or bear claw to the pond flag. Mosey to the playground for a round of Foley. Next we partnered up and grabbed a coupon for some hill work. One partner carried the coupon to the top of the hill, did 10 squats and carried the coupon back down. Meanwhile, other partner was working on 100 merkins, then 150 jump squats and 200 big boys. Mosey back to the flag for some Mary to end. 

Foley Out

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