When: 01/10/2019

Where: The Gladiator

The Pax: Manchester, Postal, Stud Finder, Black Box, Shrinkage, Moonshine, Puddle Jumper, Scrum, Delicious, Renegade, Spandex, Scar, Mufasa, Tebow

QIC: Tebow


We all knew we’d be missing our buddy Brownie this morning, mostly because he doesn’t own any long pants or anything with sleeves and it was just a little too chilly for that today. As the PAX filed in I heard many a man say that they had the idea to show up in shorts and a t-shirt but thought the better of it.  One day may we be as tough as our HIM Brownie. The Q didn’t have any interest in even standing around in the cold and wind and made sure he didn’t arrive until about 5:13. 14 men braved the weather, still a good number, but lots of fart sackers… I blame Strollers full length bear crawls from Tuesday (Stroller’s absence did not go unnoticed after his epic beat down!)


A quick mosey to the parking lot on the other side of the rec center and got the blood flowing with


15 Hillbillies IC

15 Weedpickers IC

The Thang:

Another quick mosey to the field for a tribute beatdown to our friends Brownie and Jason Barrett (the recipient of the kidney). The Q wanted to incorporate a good bit of running to keep us warm so we partnered up and one man performed an exercise on the baseline while the other ran the full length of the soccer field and then switched. Plank for the six. We started with exercises that spelled our BROWNIE. Some of the letters were tough to fill so some new exercises showed up today.

B – Burpees

R – Rosalitas (the PAX looked great as the runners approached)

Somewhere around this time Puddle Jumper showed up, setting a new personal best for lateness, but hey, he made it! (we’re looking at you DC2!) PJ must have known we had an odd number and needed to even it all out.

O – Outlaws (flutter kick position, draw an “O” with your feet together

W – Werkins (wide merkins)

N – Newton’s Cradle (plank while alternating extending one arm out parallel to the ground)

I – Imperial Walkers

E – Q held out what this was going to be. E was for elevens and we did merkins at the bottom of the hill by the flag and the Big Boi Sit Ups at the top. 4 corners around the parking lot with squats on the corners for the six. Mufasa was a big fan of this one.

Once the six was in we had guys all over our parking lot so we called them back to the flag and did some SSH until everyone made it back.  A quick mosey back to the field for round 2 to acknowledge Jason.  We have all generally been blessed with solid health and this whole process has been taxing on him as well.  When you’re worried about your very survival, a little cold weather beat down seems pretty trivial. Same set up as before except this time we only ran to the mid-line as some of the exercises took a jump in difficulty:

J – Jump Squats

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps

S – Smurf Jack (SSH from the squat position)

O – One legged burpees (this took some coordination, it was harder doing a bunch than the one when Q tested it out yesterday)

N – Nolan Ryans (side plank while swinging your other fist under your body like punching Robin Ventura in the face) Mufasa didn’t know the story, so here’s a link to fill you in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljO5T8lmxS0

As a final sign of solidarity, we came together for some seal sit ups, which was new to some of the PAX and went…. well.

With time running out we went back to the flag and some folks called some Mary and we did some Mary because that’s when we do Mary… no idea what the actual exercises were!


  • Prayers of thanks for Brownie and Jason coming through the surgery successfully, for Puddle Jumpers family and the family of his friend who passed away in a semi accident, and for Tebow’s friend Chip (not an F3 name) who is on his way to Iowa this morning to meet his son that he is adopting.
  • A little somethin’ for Brownie

Thanks to everyone for coming out and putting up with the ridiculous exercises that got pulled from the vault this morning!

  • Tebow out

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