3 years and a stale Cookie

AO: Rubicon

When: 01/10/2019

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): MillerTime, Devito, Zima, Waffles (2.0), Pitstop, Stifler, Turbine, Mayhem, Lowes, Krueger, Jackelope, Bo Knows, Lumberg

Today marks 3 years of F3 for YHC.  I challenged the PAX on a pre-blast that things have gotten a little stale at the Rubicon and that we needed to disrupt the status quo.  14 PAX braved the 20 degree wind chill to do just that….

-after a quick disclaimer, YHC mentioned that today would be quite different than usual, so first up was an OYO warmup around the parking lot, running and stretching as needed (I must admit this was hilarious to watch as we had 14 PAX running in all directions like a bunch of ants after getting their mound stepped on)
-after a stretching congregation of sort, we headed for the Field of Dreams for the real action


  • Crab-walk soccer with a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball
    -divide into 2 teams, everyone must crab walk the entire time aside from goalie who planks
    -after each goal, the team conceding the goal does 5 burpees
  • Bear-Crawl football with a glow-in-the-dark football
    -same teams, everyone must bear crawl
    -the PAX with the ball cannot move, however he can throw it forward or backward at anytime
    -if touched with the ball, it would be a turnover and the other team would gain possession
    -after each touchdown, the team conceding does 5 burpees

**we had time to complete 2 rounds of each, with 2 laps around the field during each transition

Always an honor to lead, especially on my 3 year anniversary of joining F3.   Today we had no SSH or other usual warmup routine, no merkins, squats, LBC’s or even a closing prayer.   But we had each other in the gloom and that’s all that counts.  YHC challenged the PAX and myself to think outside the box, mainly to give F3 away to more men who need this in their lives.  Get more involved with Slack and Twitter, EH more sad clowns, reach out to RNG’s who haven’t posted in a while, VQ if you haven’t yet, visit more AO’s and on and on.  Prayers for Brownie and his recovery as well as for the recipient of the kidney.  Closed with the Pledge of Allegiance in cadence.  SYITG


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