Burpees ‘n 5k

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/09/2019


PAX (): Sprocket, Sellout, Ozzy, Zima, Foley, Dougie, TP, Swamp Donkey, Bear, Squeak, Rooney, Divot, Raider, Grease Monkey, Polaroid, Thumper, Turbine, Virginia Slim, Bieber, Bronco, Deadbeat, AFLAC

As YHC departed for the Wreck at o-dark-thirty he noticed a familiar PAX  from beat-downs past casting a long shadow waiting at the top of the hood.  Much to his surprise, Virginia Slim was back in action and all chipper to get some work done.  That sunshiny attitude lasted all of 10 minutes, right up until YHC broke the news to him that it was his day to Q.  A few expletives later and with PAX rolling in with strong numbers, it was time to get down to business.


Short mosey up the main road toward the field parking lot to circle up for the following:

  • SSH’s
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Hillbilly’s
  • Weed Picker’s

Continue mosey across parking lot toward trail and back toward the playground where YHC directed PAX to gather a coupon and head to the base of Malbec Mtn.

The Thang:

As a few late stragglers drifted in, Q ensured that all PAX had a worthy coupon and laid forth instructions for the BD.  Today’s version, echoing back to a certain B-Day Q, would consist of the following:

  • Perform 7 Man-Makers (with coupon) at bottom of hill.
  • Run to the top, perform 35 overhead press with coupon, then leave coupon in a pile at the base of a nearby light-pole (encouraging proper coupon rotation).
  • Continue running up the next hill toward the gymnastic center, and perform 7 Burpees at the apex.
  • Continue running toward the pool and perform 21 Derkins with toes atop retaining wall.
  • Continue running toward Community Activity Building and perform 7 Burpees at apex of hill.
  • Continue running down entrance hill back to the base of Malbec Mt and perform 35 curls with coupon.
  • Take said coupon to the bottom of Malbec Mtn.
  • Rinse/repeat the above 5 times.

YHC kept PAX together for Round 1 to provide proper instructions and establish the pattern, then released the hounds for all subsequent rounds.  Kudos to Thumper for pushing YHC to a proper pace, despite his suspect Burpee and Derkin form.  Strong performances from all PAX as everyone really pushed the pace to get in at least 4 solid rounds.  All said and done, a cool 100 Burpees (give or take), 140 Press/Curls, and 100 Derkins across 5k of running.  Not too shabby for 35’ish minutes.

With barely 5 minutes left on the clock, Q reversed course and directed all PAX to return coupons to their rightful home and head back to the flag.  No time for Mary today.


  • Continued prayers for Sprocket’s sister as her doctors seek determine how to best approach her brain tumor.  Please provide them guidance and wisdom so that she may heal.

AFLAC out.

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