Twerking is fun

AO: The Galaxy

When: 01/08/2019

QIC: Turbine

PAX (): Blue, Tweaker, Wide Right, Tweaker, Cha-Ching, Homer, Lowes, Percy, Sprinkles, Boggle, Venus

The flag returned to the Galaxy to greet 12 PAX…now we just need to get Chelsea healthy enough to return with it. But alas, Sprinkles and Homer returned to shake off some rust with the rest of the East Cobb PAX.

A quick disclaimer and then we got started.



13xWeed Pickers


The Thang

All about 11s today. (YHC was hoping for some sort of manageable, close score in the CFP Championship the night before to play off of, but Clemson had different plans.) We started with 11s in the Trees by doing Twerkins + Vee Ups. Twerkins are likely to be memorable….YHC’s delts we’re feeling it after the first few light poles.

Next up were 11s of merkins at the bottom of the grass hill and American hammers (double count) at the top. Percy got in some Bernie Sanders for a few of the reps just to make it interesting.

The PAX then mozied to the picnic table pavilion for 11s of dips at the tables and derkins on the opposite side the field.

For the finisher – 7s (starting to run short of time) of burpees + pull ups at the playground (no running).

After a moly back to the flag, the PAX called for some flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury’s and dying cockroach.


TaPs for Wide Right, Blue, Sparky and Tweaker’s neighbor’s family who lost their husband and father in a tragic pedestrian v. car accident.

Blue is looking to start a Q Source group between East Cobb and Roswell. Check Slack for details.

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