AO: The Rubicon

When: 01/08/2019

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Bo Knows, Jackalope, Zima, Cookie, Lumberg, Stifler, Kruger, Miller Time, Devito

Couldn’t ask for better weather for a beatdown than this morning. And so nice to not be running through a sea of puddles.  Numbers were a bit light for a nice morning, but I’m guessing Clemson’s stomping of Alabama the night prior may have picked off a few for the early morning.  0530, disclaimer, and we were off.

We moseyed over to flag behind the pool for a warmup.  IC SSH, imperial walkers and windmills.  After that, we ran over to the track by the dog park.  6 lamp posts makes for 6 exercise stops while running a lap around the track.  Exercises were merkins, squats, flutter kicks, merkins, squats and LBC’s.  First lap we did 25 reps of each.  2nd lap went to 20 reps with karaoke running.  3rd lap we dropped to 15 reps and back to running.  4th lap was 10 reps and backward running.  Last lap was 5 reps each exercise with sprints between each post.

From there we ran over to the rock pile by FOD and each grabbed a medium-large coupon.  Sets of curls, shoulder presses and standing rows.  First set was 25 reps each, followed by a set of 20 reps each.  With all complete, we took a lap around FOD.  Then we finished up with sets of 15, 10 and 5.  After placing our coupons gently back to their home, we headed to the flag for a couple minutes of round robin mary including dying cockroach, diamond merkins (guess who), boxcutters and swimmers.


Prayers for Brownie’s surgery that all would go well and for a speedy recovery.

Continued prayers for Darth’s family.  I’m sure Clemson’s win came with a lot of mixed emotions.

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