Inspired by a bouncy large feline

AO: The Hooch

When: 01/07/2019

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (): Piggy, Readymix, Sunshine, Meatball, Meadowlark, Homer, Boomer, Dawn, Tigger, Zohan, El Matador, Ball boy, Splinter, Feathers, Sneakers, Saint2O

Three of us showed up early for the pre-run, and when we got back to the flag, we saw quite a gathering of HIM! YHC knew it would be a good morning for a classic Hooch BD. Using some inspiration from previous comments made by a bouncy large feline (Tigger), the BD was planned. The crowd swelled and at 5:30 there were no FNGs, so the efficient disclaimer was announced and off we went!

Mosey around the parking lot loop, with some side shuffles, high knees, and butt kickers.
The following IC:

The Thang:
We moseyed over to “The Crab Spot” (TCS) for a little circle burp. YHC remembered what a favorite that was from my last Q, so it came back, and since this was again a largish group, it went over really well.
Next we moseyed to the school path and stopped for 25 merkins. Then we moseyed along the path to just beyond the bridge for 25 more merkins. Then we moseyed to the coupon pile, partnered up, and grabbed one coupon per group. YHC said there would be no running with it, and luckily Sneakers added (very far), because we then ran with them over to the hill by the back entrance to JCHS.
At this point, YHC recounted a conversation with Tigger where he commented that we didn’t do much for biceps. Well, we were going to correct that today. We started with Colt 45, which is 15 low curls, 15 high curls, 15 full curls, while the partner does LBCs. Then switch.
Then, YHC recounted another comment that Tigger made to YHC while at the Widowmaker, that we didn’t do much hill work at the Hooch. Happy to fix that, as well.
So, a modified Dora with 50 skull crushers, 100 curls, and 150 squats with coupon, during this, the partner runs up the hill and back.
When finished, YHC asked if Tigger was satisfied and he said yes. Feeling good about how that had gone so far, we returned the coupons and moseyed to the wall along the path.
At this point, we got back to our partners, and one did BTTW for a minute while partner did Al Gore, and switch.
Then we did a double Indian Run back to the end of the path, and moseyed back to the flag after that.

We went around the circle with the following:
Dying Cockroach
American Hammer
Flutter Kicks
Gas Pumper

Prayers for kids going back to school and for a great week for all these HIM!

Proud to lead today, easy to Q when there’s good suggestions from Tigger! Keep them coming…


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