Take it Up a Notch!

AO: Shadow

When: 01/05/2019

QIC: Seles

PAX (): Brass Monkey, Madoff, Leon, Green Bean, Sleeper, Fireballs, Scout, BiBo, Seles

Accepting the challenge thrown down by Fireballs on New Year’s Day for the Shadow PAX to make 2019 the year of being in the best shape ever, YHC decided to add some variety to the usual Seles beatdown.  The PAX were enthralled with the changes and embraced the “take it up a notch” goal!

15 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Prisoner Squats, 10 Stone Mountains, 15 Mary Katherines, 10 Squawkers i.c. Rinse & Repeat

Not sure what this exercise should be called, but I’ll call it “football practice torture” for all those who remember it (even if a distant memory now for those of us over 50!)  Run in place and when “hit it” is called by the Q the PAX drop into the Mountain Climber.  When Q calls “up” the PAX resume running in place.  At least 4 minutes maybe 5?

Cherokee Run with 5 LBCs off the back to Wynterhall Tennis courts parking lot for a Grateful Dead sandwich with Mary bread.

Mary:  3 sets of Boxcutters at 19 reps ea. i.c.

Grateful Dead

Mary: 3 sets of Freddie Mercurys 19 reps ea. i.c.

Bear crawl up steps to the tennis courts then run back to repeat  5X

Climb the hill: Alternating lunge walks, inch worms, broad jumps and crab walks multiple times

Cherokee Run with 5 LBCs off the back to the start and the picnic area at Austin school for 11’s: Step Ups and Dips

Partner for Wall Sit and 5, 8-count Body Builders  2X

Move to the Platform of Pain for “call your own pain with Mary” and this is where the PAX took it up a notch!  Several rounds of hard Mary!

COT (Green Bean took us out.  Good luck to Fireballs and Scout at the Hogpen Gap 18k next Saturday.  Still to need to work on Q sign-up to add Tuesday at Dunwoody High School back to the listings – checked again this morning and still not there, BiBo has the Q next Saturday)

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