Recycle BD Q

AO: The Wreck

When: 01/04/2019

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Swamp Donkey, Aflac, Sprocket, Mad Dog, Bieber, Deadbeat, Goat, Squeegee, Blue, Tweaker, Foley, Rooney, Thumper, Zima, Yankee, Sparky, Bear, Charmin (FNG)

Q 5 of 6, YHC was running out of ideas… Sourcing the oracle, I remembered how much fun Squeegee’s cul-da-sac spirit animal BD was and searched to recall the format.  Pretty easy planning when you recycle and good BD.

With it pouring, YHC was surprised at the number of pax rolling into the parking lot. 0530 hit and we had an FNG in attendance, so the disclaimer needed to be a little more clear than Monday…

Mosey to the first parking lot for a little of this and a little of that.
Mosey a little further for a little of this and a little of that.
Making our way to the cul-da-sac for the Thang.

The Thang

As the PAX circled the roundabout, they could pick an animal walk(Gorilla, bear, duck or crab)  in clock wise rotation.  As the PAX hit an exit to one of the left or right parking lots, they would do 10 lunges and then sprint to the end.  Each PAX would complete the next exercise on the posted sheet then do 10 broad jumps back toward the center.  After the jumps they would sprint back to the circle, connect with their sprint animal and enter into the roundabout.  As the PAX hit the next exit they would repeat the process on the other side.

Left Parking Lot Exercises:
Burpees x15
Merkins x30
Burpees x15
Merkins x30
Burpees x15
Merkins x30

Right Parking Lot Exercises:
Bonnie Blairs x15
Squats x30
Bonnie Blairs x15
Squats x30
Bonnie Blairs x15
Squats x30

At 0605, YHC called the exercise and we headed back towards the flag.

Because I know everyone enjoyed that exercises and some probably didn’t make it through all 6 rounds, we stopped a long the way to finish another round. Mosey some, 15 Bonnie Blairs, mosey some, 30 squats, mosey some, 30 merkins (Aflac properly completed all merkins), mosey reaching the flag, 15 Burpees.

Couple minutes left for Mary which included a little of this and a little of that.


Naming of the FNG was on point this morning.  Welcome Tyler aka Charmin (who looks ultra soft).

Prayer requests for Sprocket’s sister who found out that she has a brain tumor.
Unspoken Family prayer request for Swamp Donkey.
QSource lessons started this morning at Chick-fil-a Avalon @ 0630 – Men’s Leadership Study.

Great turnout at CLC following the workout.  Love the fellowship that this group has with everyone.  Need another 2ndF on the books soon…
Anyone up for a random drawing for Dinners of 6?… Just an idea…
Have truly missed this group as I have been absent from a lot of BDs. This week of 6 Qs in a row was my commitment to starting the year right and committing to reinvigorate my involvement again.
#SYITG more…


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