Year of the Pig

AO: Dunwoody

When: 01/01/2019

QIC: Fire Balls

PAX (): Sleeper, Madoff, Green Bean, BiBo, Leon, Seles

Welcome fellas to 2019 and The Year of the Pig.  Let’s all commit to eating more BBQ this year and also raising our fitness level – not mutually exclusive endeavors by the way. If you’re not hitting it harder this year you are losing ground – simple calculus based on planetary alignments.

da Thing……

mosey warm up lap followed by:

SSH x 20, Imp. Walkers x 19, Windmill x 20, Jump Squats x 19 – all somewhat in cadence except for the impaired Bro

Cherokee Run to swim/tennis facility for some Mary:

LBCs x 20, Flutter Kicks x 19, High Dolly x 20, Mt. Climber x 19, Low Dolly x 20, Heels to Heaven x 19

Line up at end of parking lot for Low Slow Squats IC X 20 then:  Broad Jumps x 19, Bear Crawls x 20, Broad Jumps x 19

Cherokee Run back to DHS for:  Step Ups x 20, Dips x 19, Inclined Merkins x 20, Step Ups x 19

Mosey to flag pole for:  Merkins x 20, Kitty Cats x 19.

Raccoon  Crawl the entire length of bleachers.

Partner up for – first guy runs a lap around track whilst other is in Al Gore.  Switch.

Mosey to stairs for 2 sets of calf raises.  IC – 20 then 19.

Wall Sits for 20 secs. Then Balls to the Wall for 19 secs.

Run lap around parking lot followed by 10 Burpees OYO.

COT – grand message to start 2019 from Leon.

Naked Moleskin – Scout pulled a Starsky but he gets a pass for doing the right thing.  If we were of a mind set to hand out new handles, suggestions:  Scout becomes Dog Whisperer;  Green Bean becomes Vapor Cloud.


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