Guess who’s back? Back again!

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/31/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): TP, Sprocket, Couch, Aflac, Foley, Squeegee, Swamp Donkey, DD, Miller Time, Bronco, Circus, Hattrick, Rader, Gingivitis, Rusty, Thumper, Doogie, Cornhole, Tebow, Yankee

YHC made a self-commitment to trying to get back into the groove of F3 in 2019 and it all starts off at the Wreck, where many of the pax might not know who YHC is… Or the other way around… Sad. We will see how this thing goes in 2019.

Since I have to write 6 of these things this week and I have really slacked on them, you might not get The Night Before Christmas as told in an F3 workout from me. So here is what happened this morning….

Horibble intro and disclaimer. My mind went blank…___________


Mosey around to the front of the park for a RNE side parking lot warm-up. Things were done. SSH to an unfamiliar count to the pax. YHC went about 20 on a warm-up…🤯 then maybe some merkins, imperial walkers, mountain climbers, triple Ts.

The Thangs 

Mosey to the RNE wall of shame 🤷🏻‍♂️ feel like it should have a name. In honor of GM’s absence, we ascended testicles, had a dirty hookup, and made some chickens 🐓 peck. 8-6-4-(2? probably)

Moseyed on with a couple detours and we made it to the first pavilion.

Step-up / dips – 40/20, 30/15, 20/10

Moseyed onward to the gridiron for some Lt Dans. About halfway through I was reminded of my full week commitment… Little audible here, little audible there and we made it through those able to still walk.

YHC needed a little breathing room, another audible for a MOM in the middle of a WO. Flutters, American Hammers, Box Cutters, Low Dollies, LBCs and some others were had.

Mosey onward to the furtherest gridiron. YHC wanted to make sure the pax knew that there was more past the first football field.

Suicides. 🤦‍♂️ 10-20-30-40-50

🤮 then YHC decided 100 and back would be a good idea.

Mosey onward back to the stadium for some simple sevens. Burpees, bunny hops, merkins.

Mosey onward to the flag for some more MOM. Freddie Mercury’s, Peter Parker’s,  maybe something here and definitely ended with diamond merkins.


Join YHC for 6 days straight of Qs.

Quote of the day:

“Dear Lord, keep the stupid out of our heads”

Gladiator starts Saturday beatdowns this Saturday at 7am.

See everyone tomorrow at WidowMaker at 7am for a New Year’s Convergence.


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