Let’s have a party in the park for your birthday! With Rain. And a weight vest.

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/28/2018

QIC: Swamp Donkey

PAX (): Aflac, Foley, Sprocket, Bieber, GOAT, Offshore (visiting from the fine Commonwealth of Virginia)

I had big plans for a fun B-day Q. However, illness and weather derailed them so I said to heck with fancy plans. Cake is later, for now, we get to the point and do work. 7 strong souls braved the torrential downpours to get better, so YHQ donned the requisite restrictor plates and off we went.

Mosey to the pine trees by the pond for:
Wind Mills
Cotton Pickers
Mosey to the bridge by the pond

The Thang
Hill repeat x4 from bridge to top of hill
Run to football field – split into 2 groups
Group 1 Bernie to the 25, sprint back then Bernie to the 50, sprint back
Group 2 Big Boys until Group 1 is done, swap. Rinse and repeat for 4 rounds. YHC called a change to LBCs for 2 more sets as the restrictor plate made BBs too much fun.
Everyone find a coupon! To the corner we went. Well, it was full of water so a couple of us went in and pulled stones. Sprocket apparently has a favorite he wouldn’t be without (so he thought).
We did back to back sets of
Curls x 25
Sumo Squats x 25
Rows x 25
Rotate stone to the right and do the same as above with your new friend.
The intent was to do a full 7 rounds so each pax got to play with each other’s stones equally (yikes! yep, I am leaving that for DD). But noooooo Aflac has to interject when someone asks “What is a Jack Webb” – I let him have his moment of glory, so rounds 6-7 were replaced with 5 Jack Webb rounds. No further questions from the PAX.
After confirming all were in for coffee, we took the long way home and got in almost a full 3mi of moseying with our beatdown.

6 months of F3 have made be better – physically and mentally as well as brought new (somewhat questionable) friends. My first workout I just tried to stay alive. Today, I did the beatdown with a weighted vest on! (despite Sprocket desperately wanting me to give it to Aflac). My best birthdays are still ahead!

Swamp Donkey out!

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