…and that’s a wrap!

AO: Dunwoody-Shadow

When: 12/29/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Fireballs, Leon, Oars, Bean, Stripper, Scout, Sleeper

As we come to a close for 2018, YHC wants to wish all the F3 Shadow brothers and their families and safe and prosperous 2019.  May 2019 start and end better than the this year.  Lord knows we are in need of unity in the US & A!

With the last Q of 2018, YHC was looking to mix in the “best of the best” from 2018 with favorites from all of the Q’s that took the helm in 2018.  I also looked to avoid those “worst of the worst” exercises….Chain Gang you know who you are…..mile Cherokee to GSU….and a sprint mile back…argh!

It was dark, and foggy, but what a way to bring 2018 up to the doorstep and kiss her goodbye with a 50 degree morning.

With that here’s the Thang:

Instant Mosey from the  Platform of Pain down Roberts to the church on the hill.  Circle up for:

  • SSH IC x 20,
  • IW IC x 18,
  • Mary K’s IC x 20,
  • Stn Mnts IC x 18,
  • Planks Jacks IC x 20.

Rinse and Repeat.  (Bean went back to Austin to retrieve our late arrives (guess who:  Sleeper & Stripper).

Assemble at the upper corner for 4 corners:  2 rotations at each corner.  9 B’Pees, 10 Toyotas, 20 Low Dolly’s (3 count), 18 Mnt Climbers (3 count)

Cherokee Run (with 5 Low Slow Squats of the back) out and up Roberts to Withmere. All the way up to the top of the hill.

Circle up for 2 set of 10:

  • Dive Bombers with leg kicks (oyo)
  • Up and Down Arm planks (oyo)  started off in cadence but too many complaints on tempo and gravel on elbows-2nd round was oyo
  • Kitty Katts, IC

Cherokee back down Withmre to Austin cut through (need Pax to run 2x up to the front)

Mosey up under the Power lines for some Mary:

Low Flutter IC x 20, Box Cutters IC x 18, Freddies IC x 20, Heels to Heaven IC x 18, LBC’s IC x 20.

Mosey up to Austin to Picnic Tables for some 11’s:  Step ups and Dips

Side Lot for aPyramid :  5 rounds –Ascending 8 ct Body Builders start with 2-4-6-8-10 then run to far curb for Descending High Leg Lifts start with 25-20-15-10-5

Partner up for Wall Squats/Sprints to Street lIght by Austin entrance.  2 rounds.

Q had planned to finish with 1 round of Grateful Dead, but time ran out.


Prayers for the Mom’s of Scout & Stripper, FIL of Bean and Good Health of a F3 Bros and families in 2019.

Oars has New Year’s Day.  7am at DHS.  Bring your Champagne

Fireballs took out out in style

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