The Pause that Refreshes

AO: Shadow

When: 12/27/2018

QIC: Seles

PAX (): Fireballs, Oars, Brass Monkey, Stripper, Snake Oil, Seles

In the midst of time off work for many and the pause between Christmas and New Years, the PAX of the Shadow are still posting and working hard.  Six hearty souls showed up on a (thankfully!) dry morning before the storms to be refreshed by another Seles beatdown.

The Thang

12 Mary Katherines, 12 Sumo Squats, 12 Imperial Walkers, 12 Around the world 12-count lunges, 12 Mountain Climbers, 12 Side Straddle Hops  Rinse & Repeat

Cherokee Run w/ 5 merkins off the back.  South out of parking lot around to Vermack and up to the road north of the school and finish at the Seles stop.

Mary:  3 sets of Low Dolly 27 reps. i.c.

Mosey to the Pit of Pain at the front of the school for 11’s: Jump Ups and Dips

Mosey back to start for Mary: 3 sets of Heels-to Heaven 27 reps. i.c.

Repeat Cherokee Run back to Seles stop

Mary: 3 sets of Dying Cockroaches 27 reps i.c.

Mosey back to starting parking lot for a Build-A- Burpee: 5 squats at the curb, 5 squat-thrusts at the next curb, 5 merkins between curbs and 5 burpees at the far curb.  Repeat oyo until time’s up.

COT: (Fireballs took us out.  There will be a beatdown on New Year’s Day administered by Oars in a proper Naval Academy way.  7:00 am at Dunwoody High School; no fartsacking even if you do have a late night New Year’s Eve party hangover)

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