No Defcon 2, No American Hammers.

AO: The Gladiator

When: 12/27/2018

QIC: Manchester

PAX (): Puddle Jumper, Spandex, Brownie, Postal, Kegger, Mufasa, Blackbox, Delicious and Manchester

Being rather full after Christmas turkey, the kid’s chocolates, Boxing Day beers and leftovers in front of the football (the real kind). The Q was struggling for ideas but the thought of picking DC2 up on the way for company at a self-inflicted beatdown picked me up a little. Then 11pm rolled around, the ominous fart-sack text message rolled in and I was solo for the 5am commute to the Gladiator.

Up out of bed I got, Q plans involving endless amounts of American Hammer time torn up- it was back to the drawing board.

Pulling up to the Gladiator, a few of the PAX were keeping warm in their cars but the sight of Mufasa moseying across the car park like a lion prancing across the plains of Africa got me straight out of the car. Once the remainder of the PAX joined us from their warmth- we got started.


Mosey to the pavilion, a few expected SSH’s and Weedpickers and we then took a bench. 25 reps of each: Leg Raises, The Dip, Step Up’s, Merkins & BBS. A short mosey to the pitch for a leg warm up and then to the hill for the thang.

The Thang:

25’s ensued. (Bottom of Hill:Top of Hill) 25:0, 20:5, 15:10, 10:15, 5:20, 0:25.

Round 1:

Squats at the Bottom of the Hill, Sprint to the Top, Merkins at the Top of the Hill.

Recovery was a short mosey back to the pavilion for 10 reps of each: Leg Raises, The Dip, Step Up’s, Merkins & BBS, followed by a mosey back to the hill.

Round 2:

With 2 Coupons in hand, Bonnie Blairs at the bottom of the hill, Bicep Curls at the top of the hill.

With time sneaking up on the PAX and the coffeeteria calling, we moseyed back to home car park, but to Mufasa’s confusion, we stopped shy of it at the bottom of the hill.

As a finisher we Side lunged up the hill twice in lieu of Mary and American Hammers.


Brownie shared with us the simply amazing news of his upcoming operation in which he will be donating a Kidney to a friend in need, drastically improving their quality of life and life expectancy in a selfless act that we can all aspire to. Thank you to Kegger to finishing up with a prayer to send us off to live the day with a positive outlook and again, a thank you to all the PAX (Present or in their Fartsack) for welcoming me into the group and sharing the morning gloom with me.

I’ll see you all in the Gloom of 2019!


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