The Morning Where We Ran Around and Did Things

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 12/22/2018

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Zohan, Scully, Saint 2.0, Lowes, Cookie, Mayhem, Flo, Ball Boy, Devito, Pitstop, Ha-ha

YHC signed up for the Widowmaker Q for the Saturday before Christmas since I was not leaving town and it seemed like a good idea.

As the runners and ruckers were returning and the boot campers were gathering for the workout Flo asked “Who has Q today”. Responding that YHC did he immediately whipped his head around looking for my truck that was sitting right next to him. Pitstop looked in the back and said “Yes, the girlfriends are in there”. Thus began the boot camp without the girls.

At 0700 after the disclaimer was given we mosied up the entrance road to the circle outside of the parks for:

Warm Up

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

We mosied back in the park to the stairs by the stop sign.

Elevens on the Steps

Lunges at the bottom and merkins at the top. Travel up the stairs by bunny hops. Run back down. Bunny hops get to you after a while. Hopping up one step seems to use a different muscle group than hopping up 2 at a time. Pick your poison.

After gathering the 6 we ran down the trail to the first intersection and stopped for Copperhead Squats IC. 20 if I recall.

Continued our mosey down the side loop trail to the U turn at the southern end. We stopped for dips on logs, fence and bench.

Mosey continued up the trail to the next intersection at the top of the hill where we stopped and partnered up for wheel barrows up the trail to the top of the WidowMaker hill swapping off between partners when needed.

We mosied to the bottom of The Widowmaker where we stopped at the guardrail and performed 10 serkins? both left and right side. A serkin is left hand and foot on the guardrail and right hand and foot on the ground and perform 10 merkins. Swap to right side up and do 10 more.

We then gathered at the bottom and performed 5 merkins, run up to the manhole cover and performed 10 merkins, ran to the top and performed 20 merkins.

Continued our mosey to the next parking lot for some DB drill running straight up the parking lot line to the curb, side shuffle to the next line, back peddle the line and continue to run up the line working out way down the parking lot to the stairs.

We mosied on back to the flag where we each selected a girlfriend (ahh, finally!) and went to the soccer field and partnered up. Partner one would assume the merkin posture and partner 2 would put both girlfriends on partner 1’s back. Partner 1 does as many merkins as possible the locks out and P2 removes one girlfriend and P1 continues to perform merkins amrap then lock out and P2 removes the last girlfriend and P1 performs unweighted merkins amrap. This hurts about as much as you think it might. Flapjack P2 gets a turn the each partner gets another set.

We moved to the parking lot for mary since the field was really wet.

Weighted LBCs: Hold the girlfriend over your face with arms locked out and perform LBCs IC.

Circle up tight and perform American Hammers while passing Girlfriends from right to left then from left to right.

0800 and time is up.


Prayers for healing and safe travels.

Thought for Today:

Be the bacon. No one is ever upset to see bacon. Bacon makes everything better. Bacon makes people happy. Everyone loves bacon.

Bee the bacon so that when you walk into the room people are happy to see you coming.

Merry Christmas!

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