Test Day at the Hooch


When: 12/19/2018

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Puff Daddy, Splinter, Boomer, Sunshine, Homer, Jimbo, El Matador, Ball Boy, Popper, Scrooge, Piggy, RediMix, Tigger, Meatball, Sneakers

We have recently seen an influx of PAX at the Hooch lately, so YHC thought it would be good to provide a baseline/benchmark/litmus test for the group.  Old faithfuls could see how they are progressing and the RNGs could draw a line in the sand to compare to at some point when we test again.  It is less about where you are today, but where you want to be next time!

Army PT test:

Warm-up lap, followed by:

2 Minutes of Merkins

2 Minutes of Big Boy Sit-ups

2 miles of mosey

The PAX finished at varying times so the overachievers did some round robin of Mary while we waited.

Moleskin: 2nd F tonight at Twisted Taco with Scrooge, Special Christmas Eve Beatdown followed by some Christmas Spirit, Hooch Party at Boomer’s (get with him if you are coming)

COT: Prayers up for health for Homer’s family, tough work situations, etc

Coffeteria: Great Leadership chat inspired by the 43feet leadership podcast.  YHC is thankful for you men.  I left encouraged and inspired by you.  YHC looked around that table and there is so much experience and wisdom for us all to share.  We have experts in finance, law, I.T., statistics, compliance, entrepreneurship, non-profits, consulting, investments, theology, computers, sales, marketing, team building, marriage, management, etc. etc.  You guys are a pretty big deal!  What a resource!

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