39 Card Pickup – Gladiator Style

AO: The Gladiator

When: 12/18/2018


PAX (): Laces, Tebow, Stroller, Socks, Viking, Postal (Respect), Mufasa (Respect), Shrinkage, Delicious, Zohan, Blackbox, Puddle Jumper, Spandex, Brownie, DefConII

First Off, you need to go order one of these decks:  https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-card-decks 

Secondly, you need to come to the Gladiator on Tuesdays, Thursdays at 5:15-6:00AM and coming January 2019 on Saturdays.

Thirdly, this is going to be a short BB b/c 5:15 is coming soon….

Now on the second day BB:

39 Card Pickup –  YHC decided to get 4 lanterns to help light up the field and combine them with aforementioned deck of cards.  What a great way to let chance take over the workout and the PAX to get beatdown by a wide ride of exercises.

YHC handed out the lanterns.  Brownie split the deck into suites and handed the cards to the lantern holders.  The PAX headed from the flag to the Pitch Platz and randomly deposited the lanterns/card stacks on the near end of the field.  The PAX circled up at center field for some exercises.


We did stuff.  The first exercise was not SSH, but Merkins, though there were SSH at the tail end.

The Workout:

The PAX proceeded to the first lantern.  A card was drawn, the exercise completed and then on to the next lantern in a clock-wise pattern between the lantern stations.  This turned out to be a mix of exercise, recovery runs and lots of mumble chatter.  YHC felt the workout felt easy but near the end all those cards added up to a high heart rate, hot core temp and lot of sucking wind.

Station 1: Spades = Legs

Station 2: Hearts = Cardio

Station 3: Diamonds = Upper

Station 4: Clubs = Core

The PAX made it through 39 cards and back to the flag with time to spare for a few final exercises ending in good ol American Hammers…

This is a short BB…YHC will keep the stack intact in the case that someone is interested in the order the next time they show up, however 5:15 is calling…legs are sore and a post recovery workout is essential.


PJ greatly impacted by last half year.  Spandex’s M is recovering great.  Prayers for Socks’s BIL.  Missed Kegger who was in Tampa.  Missed Manchester who was supposed to chauffeur YHC but fart sacked.

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