Mosey Monday

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/17/2018

QIC: Foley & Aflac

PAX (): Haggis, Ariel, Bear, Squeak, Aflac,Jackalope, Zika, Virginia Slim, Divot, Yankee, Bieber, Hattrick, Swamp Donkey, Smackdown, Sparkie, Sell-our, Tweaker, Squeegee & Foley.

It was a cool morning, a good morning for 19 Pax’s.

Started with a mosey around the lake to the top of the playground. Marta Rails down to the slides where we circled & did a Morning Call. Group did called out exercise until PAX popped out of the slide.

Onto a quick Mosey to the parking lot for some partner wheel barrows. Keeping with your partner, one partner stays and works on a collective 100 Burbees while the second partner starts with 5 donkey kicks and then a hill run. Squat jumps for the 6 before a snake run back to the flag pole. A few Mary’s to end the day.

Prayer Requests: Aflacs neighbors housefire. Gofundme set-up for donations.

Announcements:  Thursday Morning Hogwallow started last week with 6 in attendance. Meeting at 5:30a on Thursday’s at Woodstock Park.

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