Slip-slidin away

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/14/2018

QIC: Bronco

PAX (): Crab legs, Grease Monkey, Rooney, Sprocket, Smackdown, Rusty, Aflac, Goat, Circus, Swamp Donkey, Squeak, Yankee

I was always jealous of the summer birthday kids – good weather, outdoors, and many more options than what I ever had to choose from (Roller rinks or Chuck-E-Cheese).  That being said YHC wanted to change it up a bit for the big 3-8 and see what kind of fun we could have.

First of all MAD respect for every Pax that wears one of these weight vests – Sprocket’s traditional re-gift was placed on my shoulders and my confidence levels dropped – 25lbs is no joke but loved every second!


  • Crabwalk around the parking lot waiting for stragglers
  • Reverse Indian run (that only kinda worked) all way to the football field – the rear pax ran backwards to try to catch the front.
  • We stop at the parking lot in front of the field for
    • 15 SSH
    • 15 Cotton pickers
    • 15 Mtn Climbers

The Thang

  • The field was set up with the following exercises at 6 locations:
    • Bobby Hurleys
    • Rockette Dips
    • Nolan Ryans
    • Crab Cakes
    • One call Merkins
    • Slide
  • We divided in groups of two
    • Group 1 started running around the field while group 2 did AMRAP of above exercises; once back group 1 did the exercises while Group 2 ran.
    • We repeated all the way around until after One Call Merkins where the “S” came into play
    • YHC had a 32 foot slip-n-slide set up and ready to go in the middle of the field – each Pax was to sprint as slide as far as he could while other Pax ran along side.
  • We then took the long way back for some limited Mary

The flashbacks of being completely soaked and covered in suds were there and all smiles from a 3+ mile beat down that ended with a splash.


  • Coffee after
  • Reminder on Hogwallow Thursday – now at Woodstock park starting point 530 sharp
  • Thoughts:  I never thought I’d be 38 years old and doing what I’m doing with this group – It’s truly life-changing and one of the best experiences any man could hope for.  Always looking forward to the next BD – until then – Bronco out!

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