Mount St. Parking Deck

AO: Rubicon

When: 12/13/2018

QIC: Pitstop

PAX (): Bo Knows, Jackcalope, Lumberg, Kruger, Stiffler, MT, Ozzy

Congrats to Milton HS for winning their first State Football Championship last night!  Big underdogs against the farmers from Colquit County.  Me and my M and 2.0s cheered them on at the Benz until the wee hours of the morning, and YHC showed up to Q with just 3 hours of sleep.  This could get interesting.

7 PAX showed up expectantly in the morning gloom, and YHC was happy to have them.  We’ve been wearing out the FOD lately, so I opted for a change of scenery.

We moseyed up to the Children of the Corn for the traditional Weed Pickers, Hillbillies, and SSH – then moseyed some more.  10 merkins at each road crossing.  We didn’t count driveway entrances – this time.  Destination:  City Hall Parking deck.

The Thang

Starting at the ground floor, run up the deck to the roof.  At each flat section between ramps do 7 of the following:  Merkins, mountain climbers, and shoulder taps.  Air Chair for the 6.

Down the stairs, rinse and repeat.  This time do 7: flutter kicks, LBC, and V-ups.

Running low on time, we headed back to the Rubicon.  Lots of opportunities for more merkins on the way.

Found a grassy patch for some Tunnel of Love (low crawl under planking PAX).  We need more of those, maybe in the snow.


Prayers for those looking for jobs.  2nd F at Loyal Q tonight!

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