Thirty freakin four feels heavy

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/12/2018

QIC: Rooney

PAX (): Sprocket, Doogie, Smackdown, Turbine, TP, Squeak, Sellout, Bieber, Swamp Donkey, Polaroid, Divot, Bear, Sparky, DD, Blue, Crablegs, Squeege, Foley, Raider, Aflac, GOAT was almost forgotten

YHC has had to start seeing patients at 7am lately, so it has been too tight of a squeeze to make it for F3 lately.  With a 34 year old Birthday Q on the calendar 12/12, I didn’t have the cahones to back out and ask for a sub… so it left me no choice but to come out of retirement of a few weeks and get ready quite quick for work.  Now that I know it is possible to make it to work on time for those mornings (barely), I have the itch to keep coming, and I feel some momentum coming for an impressive streak (which unfortunately always happen in the winter).

As I said, work has swallowed up all free minutes, so I am feeling a little out of shape.  Sprocket had a quick (but heavy) remedy for that.  My “therapist” mind only allowed me to keep it on for the beginning and ending, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.  I also wanted to make sure I gave everyone a good workout… and since I was completely gassed after the warm up and planks with the weighted vest, I decided to discard it to get a more accurate assessment of the action.

5:30a We moseyed to the gridiron.

Atypical warm up consisting of the usual soccer knees up/heels up, basketball squat side shuffle, cornerback squat backwards run, carioca all the way to the 34 yard line and back (not an easy yardline to be aware of on the field for the record).

Planks with leg lifts- there were holds, a lot of them… pretty sure I am feeling those today (either that or the weighted vest)

The Thang- partner up to celebrate some 12 days of Christmas on 12/12; I wanted everyone to think 12, then 11, then 10, etc.  Instead we went up to 24, then back down to 12.  Diamond merkins with feet on partner on one sideline, Russian HS curls on the other.  Travel via lunges/bear crawl/crab walk and then backwards running to return.  Wow, my fingers were frostbitten.  Perhaps some of you had better apparel than my female ski liner gloves.  Anyway…

We found a step at the bottom of the stadium.  34 single leg hops, both sides.  Felt the age on this literally.  Then, went to the top.  Fortunately, the “stadium” only has about ten steps, so we single leg hopped up the bleachers a couple times.  That was more cardio then anything else.  Air chairs and planks throughout for the six.

Went to hit 34 pullups in a row before we ice skated back to the flag.  Finally, some did Mary while I looked for a phone- thanks sprocket.

sorry I ghosted after all the fun- had to skedaddle to work for them 7a.m.s!


Announcements- I think there was a run this morning and pretty sure there is a party happening right now.  Hope this was helpful.  Keep an eye on third F action on slack as sprocket is leading strong.

I can’t tell you how much I miss F3 when I can’t go… physically, mentally, spiritually, socially… thankfully, the birthday Q forced me out of the comfort zone and back into the gloom, so like I said- I’ve got the itch again.  It’s going to have to take something greater than an earthquake to stop me going forward.  See you tomorrow morning.  With better glove apparel perhaps.



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