The Ladder that Santa built

AO: The Firehouse

When: 12/13/2018

QIC: Reuben

PAX (): Skynyrd, Fudd, Reuben

It was great to be back in the  shelter and healing power of the gloom this am, after a Tuesday hiatus for unpredictable weather.  3 brave pax hit the gloom with full force and made a mark as always for a Christmas special! Let’s mosey boys!!

All 3 gazelles trotted around the parking lot w/ a little karaoke and Bernie Sanders along the way for warm-up.

  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • 4 x 4’s(we did 5 total)

The Thang

We hit the upper soccer field for a new routine called Santas Ladder.  As all good beatdowns do, this one  definitely came with good cheer and gifts of frankincense and mur.

We picked a point to run to at the 50 yd line. The object here is to run to midfield for 10 Burpees and back to the end zone.  The routine consists of a 10:1 ratio all the way down to a 5:1 ratio where we switched up excercises with some merkins at Santas request. Rinse and repeat consisted of reverse order starting with merkins at 10:1 to 5:1 merkins.

Thang 2

With 15 minutes still left in Santa’s bag, we did a balls to the wall combo w/ crunchy frogs for 11’s (Hold the wall for 10 full seconds and run to median for 10 crunchy frogs-ending with 1 frog and run).


A lot of good cardio today and plenty of miles traveled.  Great work guys!

Prayers for improving health for family members and that we continue to remember the reason for this season in the midst of the stresses around us.


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