My Maserati Goes 185

AO: Shadow

When: 12/14/2018

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): Billboard, Possum, SnakeOil, Sleeper, Manhole, CashBox, GreenBean

Sleeper inspired YHC to bring tunes to this AM’s beatdown. We had some technical difficulties and got off to a late start (1 minute), but finished late to make up for it. Here is the playlist from your DJ:
Greatest Love Story, Lanco
Up Down, FL/GA Line
Thunderstruck, ACDC
Mine, Matt Nathanson
My Body, Young the Giant
A Sky Full of Stars, Coldplay
Hold On, Drake
Cold One, Eric Church
I’m Amazed, My Morning Jacket
Even Flow, Pearl Jam
Life’s Been Good, Joe Walsh

The Thang:
SSH IC x 20
MCs IC x 20
IWx IC x 20

Let’s Mosey to back side of the school near the track. The next song was starting, so we had to circle up for FL/GA Line’s “Up Down”: Squats/AirChair until song says “Up Down”, you stand up, then hold on “down”. This got boring so we cut this short and mosey’d up steps past tennis courts around to the main school entrance for Pole-ups: IC x 6.
Then Merkins IC x 10
Follow me to picnic tables for: 11’s: Jump-Ups and Derkins!

Next, run up to Seles’ Stop/Platform of Pain for:
Mason Twist IC x 30
Freddie Mercuries x 20
LBC’s IC x 10
Heels to Heaven IC x 20

Next: BTTW, hold for 30 sec? Then BTTW push up.
Follow me up steps to upper lot and around x 3, then line up near Vermack/Vanderlyn entrance for:
6’s: run down to stop line in front of trailers for 1 LBC, back up for 5 burpees. Solid work by Billboard!

Next: Merkins IC x 15

Follow me to back side of school to the memorial garden for: Dips IX x 15, then 1 legged squats x 10, flapjack. Next, cherokee run around track.
Circle up around flagpole for mary: Obliques: each side IC x 20
Run up steps, hands up! x 3, finish with calf raises:
Regular IC x 10
Heels in, toes out IC x 10
Toes out, heels in IC x 10

Manhole took us out. Continued prayers for Mama Seles for her breast cancer surgery postponed until next week, as well as calm nerves for our kids who have exam season coming up very soon. Manhole has Saturday.


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