If @Blue Can Q, You Can, Too…

AO: The Galaxy

When: 12/11/2018

QIC: Blue

PAX (): Percy, BabyFace, Bogle, Yahtzee, WideRight, Sparky

7 PAX posted for a VQ by YHC


  • 05:30 sharp, commenced with welcome and disclaimer
  • Mosey around the park
  • SSH x15, CP x12, Toy Soldiers x10
  • High and low-Mosey options to the stage at the back of the park

The Thang

  • Agility Ladders: three agility ladders were waiting for us on the stage.  PAX numbered off and performed a standard move until their number was called.  When PAX heard his number, performed a set exercise on all 3 Agility ladders, then back to the standard move.
Actual footage of @WideRight on the Agility Ladder
  • Round 1:  BigBoys on deck,  Icky Shuffle on ladders
  • Round 2:   StepUps on deck, Lateral in-outs on ladders
  • Round 3:   LBC’s on deck , Lateral high-knees on ladders
  • Round 4:   Donkey kicks on deck, Hopscotch on ladder




Sprints:  PAX lined up at the starting line (marked by a small, plastic skull) for a competitive sprint.  PAX sprinted as a team, some ending after 30 yards (marked by an identical second skull) whilst most sprinted 60 yards (to the third and final plastic skull).  PAX chose the distance for themselves, depending upon personal fitness level.  After the sprint, mosey around the park (or via the shortcut) back to the stage for another round of agility ladders.

After last sprint, collect the various BD accoutrements and mosey to parking lot.  BD finished 06:15.30, exactly 90 seconds late.

Notes:  At the end of Round 4, AMRAYC LBC’s and planks as we discussed the Five Principles of an F3 workout.  Special attention to #1 (get out there and “welcome” some new PAX to join #theGalaxy) and #4 (“if Blue can Q, you can, too!”).

COT: Gratitude for putting challenges in our way to help us grow as men.  Prayer requests for @Tweaker 2.0 and @Chelsea for healing.  Prayers for those who struggle with holiday pressures/temptations.

To All: Despite some shaky directions on the part of YHC, the PAX’s enthusiasm made for an overall smooth BD.  It was truly an honor to VQ  you PAX today; thank you all.

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