Black “ICE” Mambas


When: 12/11/2018

QIC: Leon

PAX (): Bean, Fizz, Sleeper, Manhole

Black ICE?  Everybody Panic!!!!!!

5 F3 shadow faithful descended upon DHS for a potpourri of exercise administered by YHC, Leon.  2 decided to descend a bit late (bet you can guess  1 of the 2), but descended nonetheless!

With that Here’s the Thang:

Curb to Light (up and back): Toy Soldiers, Warrior Lunges, Butt Kickers, Karaoke’s

Circle up for: SSH, I-Ws, Plank Jacks, Stone Mountains, Mary Katherine’s 2 set of 15 then 10 reps

Line up for Cherokee run (5 low slow squats of the back) out the side entrance of DHS onto Womack then right on Vermack then right on Vanderlyn.  Finish and Tennis Shack.

Jacob’s Ladder.  Side Parking lot-White line to White Line.  Start with 6 8-ct Body builders then run to other side for 10 Box Cutters.  Lower by 1 ct on 8-ct Body Builder and increase by 5 on Box Cutters each rep, finishing with 35 Box Cutters.

Mosey to Pit and pick a rock:  Simple Poison work of 3 sets of Kettle Bell & Squat Thrusts, reps of 15-10-10.  We avoided Step-ups due to slick benches (BLACK ICE, EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!)  Take rock and cirlce up in front of DHS entrance by pit for 1 set each of 15 Curls, 15 Tricep extensions, and 10 lift high and place each side.

Circle up around tree and perform 1 set of 10 Burpees with your rock.   (when jumping up lift your rock over your head)  Was going to add 1 more set of 10, but YHC had enough of that!

Moset to Picnic benches for 3 set of Dips- 12 each set

Mosey to Light for 1 qucik set of Greatful Dead and finish with 1 set of SSH 15 reps.

Bean has Thursday, Manhole has Sat at Austin.

Continued prayers for Mamma Seles!

Manhole took us out!

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