Party at the Park

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/07/2018

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): AFLAC, Jack-a-lope, Zima, Couch, Yankee, Divot, Doogie, Bieber, Foley, Bronco, Swamp Donkey, Smackdown, Bear, Sellout, Hattrick, Circus, Deadbeat, Rusty, Virgina Slim, Sprocket, Grease Monkey, Sparky, Tweaker

YHC likes to get the PAX to explore new areas of this awesome park we’ve been gifted.  I had a plan and did my best to adjust for the gift I knew Sprocket had waiting for me.  After I put on my winter weight vest, we were ready to go.


Left for a slow mosey over to the pond and circled up by the big American flag.  Reminded the PAX that today was Pearl Harbor day and we should be grateful for what we have.

Quick warm-up exercises of:
– Imperial Walker
– Arm Circles
– Weed Pickers

The Thang

Short mosey over to the large pavilion by the pond.  We haven’t worked out in this area before.  YHC had scoped it out the day before and noticed that there were Christmas lights set up.  I plugged them in as we arrived and the party official started.

We got into groups of five and did three rounds.  Each PAX moved to the next station once the Diamond Merkins PAX finished.  All other exercises were AMRAP.
– 20 Diamond Merkins on the table(party style)
– Dips
– Derkins
– Step Ups
– Jump Squats

The party table brought some good burn but it was time to mosey for some party games.  We moseyed up to the gym parking lot and partnered up.  It was time for some tag with our partners.  Partner A went one direction around the gym and Partner B went the other direction.  Once they tagged each other they did 10 Brokins together.  Once they made 5 tags and 50 Brokins the game was over.

The next game was over at the hill so we moseyed over as a group.  We stayed with our partner for some king of the hill.  Partner A stayed at the top and did hand release Merkins will Partner B ran down and Bernie Sanders back up for a partner switch.  YHC called it with just a few mins left.

We moseyed back to the flag and finished with a few rounds of Mary.


– Holiday party reminder on the 13th.  PM Miller Time with HC if you can go.
– Some unspoken prayer request
– Coffeteria afterwards


I am very grateful for the fellowship and accountability our group brings each one of us.  My wish is that we all use this community we are building to improve ourselves, notice when a fellow PAX needs someone for support and not be afraid to ask for help when our lives are just too much.

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