Rain, Rain Go Away

AO: Shadow

When: 12/08/2018

QIC: Seles

PAX (): BiBo, Leon, Green Bean, Sleeper, Seles

Ok, the PAX is tired of the rain.  Last Saturday had a lot of rain at 50 degrees, so a repeat of rain (but at 40 degrees) this week was not welcome!  We missed two of our brothers who usually post on Saturday (Scout and Fireballs), but they were excused because they were at the Army/Navy football game.  Here’s the Thang!

12 Side Straddle Hops, 12 Mary Katherines, 12 Around the world 12-count lunges, 12 Sumo Squats, 12 Floyd Mayweathers. i.c. Rinse & Repeat

Mosey to Nature Center building (thought the overhang might provide a dry spot for Mary but only for a few of the PAX).  4 minutes of Mary with 8 exercises, 30 sec each: Freddie Mercury, ABC, Low Dolly, Heels-to-Heaven, L over R, R over L, Low Leg Raise, LBC.

Mosey to stumps for 11’s: Step Ups and Dips.

Mosey to Treehouse of Pain for a Grateful Dead (all but BiBo were able to fit in the dry area under the roof).

Mosey back to the base of the Nature Center Hill for DORA (100, 200, 300) up the hill:  Merkins at the base (10), Squats in the middle (20) and LBCs at the end of the construction fence (30) near the top, 10X.

YHC had counted on 20 minutes for DORA, but it took closer to 30, so the PAX moseyed back to the Platform of Pain at the start to finish with 20 Box-cutters i.c.

COT (Green Bean took us out; lots of talk about several upcoming races one with Madoff and the Hogpen one with Scout and Fireballs – no firm takers as of yet except for Sleeper for the Madoff one).

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