Girl (and guys) you ride the MARTA bus

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/03/2018


PAX (): GOAT, Aflac, Haggis, Grease Monkey, Ariel, Raider, Bear, Dead beat, Grande, Swamp Donkey, Bieber, Squeegee, Rusty, Foley, Hat trick, Jackalope, FNG-Yankee, Sell-out, Patch, Divot

Attendees: 21

“Girl you ride the MARTA Bus”….it’s a song, you should look it up.  While socially and politically incorrect, there was a thought of playing it when we brought back MARTA after at least a 6-month hiatus (at least to my knowledge).  I also thought about playing “I’m bringing MARTA back” but it was too much work to replace “Sexy” with “Marta” and plus that is more Beeber’s music styling.  So, without further ado, here’s the Thang, and yes Virginia, we brought MARTA back (and Sally).


Warm up:

  • Squats to Moby’s Flower (Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down)
  • The Thang:
  • Mosey to American Flag: 50 Merkins
    • Squats for 6
  • Mosey to steps: Climb the steps doing 3 calf raises per step.
    • Squats for 6 -Mosey to drive through for gymnastics
  • 50 shoulder presses, 50 front arm raises, 50 shoulder flys
    • Squats for the 6 – Mosey to Football field
  • Bear crawl to the 25 yard line. Lunge walk from 25 to 50. Karaoke the last 50, sprint 100 yards
    • Squat for 6
  • Mosey to next football field. 20 Merkins, run backwards 100 yards, return, do 20 Wide arm Merkins
    • Squats for 6
  • Mosey to wall at hill. 20 step ups with right leg & left leg. 20 Dips
    • Squat for 6
  • Mosey to rails at Elementary school for Marta
  • Back to flag
  • 100 LBCs and 30 American hammers.
  • 20 Merkins
  • Marry
    1. 20 Flutter kicks
    2. 20 Dollies
    3. 20 Dying cockroaches


  • Birthday Q’s out the ying yang for the next 5 workouts in a row. Only Bieber on Monday was not born in December – what were his parents doing in late February in Canada, come on, its cold outside.  Circus, Squeegee, Rooney, and Bronco in order having birthdays.  Maybe we need to head up to Variant one evening in the next two weeks to celebrate their births.
  • FNG – Wade- AKA/Now Forever Known As – Yankee (because he was born and raised in Alabama) – War Eagle, welcome, and we hope you come back

S Talk:

Sorry Bieber, two shots at you in one write up and you are such a nice guy, I feel bad.

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