Awww…. are your stones cold?

When: 11/29/2018

Where: The Gladiator

The Pax: Skid, Spandex, Puddle Jumper, Zohan, Kegger, Stroller, Scar, Viking, Laces, Moonshine, Mufasa, Brownie, Delicious, Manchester, DC2

QIC: Tebow

It was cold enough to shrink any man’s stones out there this morning but 16 brave men showed up to tie the largest PAX count since the launch date of the Gladiator.  I guess after the Lt Bear Burpee Suicides, the Gladiator men couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for them (only 9 men got to enjoy that one btw).


Warm Up:

A quick mosey to one of our favorite warm up lots for 15 each of:


Imperial Walkers

Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Another short mosey back to the road in front of the flag for some 11s. 1 burpee starting in the street with 10 big bois at the top.  A quick 4 corners, kinda, for those that finished early with squats on the corners of our parking lot.  The Q started with this to try and get everyone moving and warmed up and it seemed to be pretty effective – so little mumble chatter that Mufasa was looking for Scar and Spandex to figure out was wrong with our PAX.

Now that everyone was warm, we hit up the coupon pile for a ladder of 5, 10, 15, 20 reps each of side lateral raises, front lateral raises, and tricep extensions at each lamppost on our way up the hill towards Eaves road, then a little bonus 50 curls at the top with a ladder of 20, 15, 10, 5 back down, then hold the coupons out to your side for the 6 (Kegger was having none of that part, after choosing to show that no cold could contain his giant stones, he had had enough… Laces on the other hand, could have gone all day with the pebbles he picked out, nice choice Laces!).  The mumble chatter really cranked up on this one.  The Q didn’t realize that rocks that have been out in freezing temperatures all night, would continue to be freezing and no gloves were sufficient to hold it back… someone should write that down.

Now that the Q had sucked the warmth out of everyone, we had to get moving again. A short trip to the soccer field and we cranked up the Chelsea Circle that Manchester brought to us, but at the end of every lap we hammered out a leg of the Mucho Chesto.  I think we got good and warmed up just in time to head back to the flag.

A little moseying and shuffling around our home lot, followed by a bit of Mary… led off by Laces’ trademark J Los and as we seem to do every time these days, banged out some American Hammers to close thing out.


Prayers for Laces’ dad as he continues in his cancer battle.

Spandex is leading the charge of getting some transition packs completed for No Longer Bound, check slack or Facebook for details

Viking’s church, Lebanon Baptist in Roswell will be hosting a steak dinner on Friday 11/30 for men and their teenage children.

I’m honored to be a part of the Gladiator family and privileged for the opportunity to lead this group of men.

Tebow out.

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