A new hill…

AO: Norseman

When: 11/29/2018

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Callahan, HaHa, Beaker, and Nacho Libre

YHC was talking to Hot Sauce the other day and he was letting me know that there is a hill on the other side of North Park where he takes the Cross Country Team.  He said it was a pretty good hill that rivaled the hill at the Widowmaker.  I thought that is near impossible but we can check it out.  So at 5:30 with Beaker, Haha, and Callahan we took off.

Stop by the parking lots for the mandatory SSH, Weed Pickers, and Merkins.

Off to the end of North Park with a modified Indian run.  The back guy does 10 merkins and runs to the front.  After we left North Park we stayed together and ran down the hill.

Now as the pax moseyed along YHC was getting pretty upset with Hot Sauce.  I was thinking this isn’t a hill.  What kind of Q are these guys going to think I run taking them to this small decline.  Then we turned around at the bottom of the hill and I wondered how the hill got so big.

The Thang: Dora 123 – 100 Merkins – 200 Groiners – 300 Squats.  Run to the first mailbox.

After we finished YHC was wondering how we were going make it back up the hill so we stopped at the first 5 trees that lined the hill for some merkins.  Then we stopped at the houses with mailbox lights for 10 lunges.  The pax made it back to North Park and repeated the Indian Run with 10 merkins.  As we got back to the flag the Pax traveled over 3 miles.

COT – Callahan’s M is having heart issues.  They are looking for answers.

As always an honor to lead these men!

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