Fours Company

AO: Big Creek

When: 11/27/2018

QIC: The Body

PAX (): Bartman, Swiper, Clyde

Four Brother-en joined me in the gloom this morning for a sub freezing windchill beat down, though Swiper was not on time he was there.

Mosey to the pavilion for a brief warm-up

– SSH, CHS, and Seal claps

–  Mosey down to the rock pile for coupon selection.

11’s with curl to OHP at the bottom of the hill , carry your rock up for goblet squats.


11’s with Snatches w/rock at the bottom and up two hills for bur-pees at the top.

LBC till the six is in , then 100 bench press with coupons.

Return coupons and mosey to the gates for bat wings.

Mosey to the sundial for a quick marry.


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