Chilly Muchos

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 11/24/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Boomer, Saint2O, Downhiller, Devito

Saturday opened with a chilly drizzly start to the day. YHC arrived ready to hop off into a pain station pre-run, but changed plans on the fly to join Boomer and Dosido on the Ruck (after all, running alone in cold drizzle just sucks). 3.6 miles later, it was time to start the BD. First up, we headed out to the entrance circle for a warm up. IC imperial walkers, weed pickers, merkins, and copperhead squats. Then back to the soccer field for the work.

Started with a Mucho Chest-o, 25 reps at each corner station around the field. These turfs fields really hold the chill, especially when wet, so hands were feeling great by the end of this round. Next up was a Mucho Leg-o, again with 25 reps each station. Squats, sumo squats, right squats, left squats and lunges. Final round was a Mucho Ab-o with sit-ups, flutter kicks, right obliques, left obliques and LBCs. 25 each. This really brought the chill as our backs soaked up the cold water from the turf. With 3 rounds under the belt, we repeated the entire sequence again, but this time with 20 reps each.

Bored of the field, YHC ran the group over to the playground for 11’s. Dips at the picnic tables and pull-ups in the play area. Then back to the field for a quick shuttle run sprint. 18, midfield, 18, goal line. Sprint out all you got, do 5 dry docks, then jog back. Finally we gathered in the corner of the field for about 5 minutes of round robin Mary.


Welcome to Downhiller visiting from F3Birmingham.

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