56 points and 700 yards

AO: The Hooch

When: 11/26/2018

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Flo, Scrooge, Sunshine, El Matador, Popper, Ready Mix, Meadowlark, Tebow, FNG Tigger, Splinter, Saint 2O, Nacho Libre, Ball Boy, Piggy, Jimbo, Zohan, Meatball

On Friday, YHC notified the pax that Monday’s theme would revolve around the performance of the University of Oklahoma’s famed football team. Not the much celebrated offense featuring the nation’s best player for a second year in a row, but the frequently maligned defense. This is because YHC is a sadist who loves to share. True to form, the defense did not disappoint by surrendering 56 points and over 700 yards of offense. Again, the offense came through with 59 points to set up a hateful rematch with the prideful Longhorns of the Texas Republic. Now to give credit to the defense, they did return 2 fumbles for touchdowns so YHC conveniently worked that into the beatdown. 18 pax took the challenge although most had no idea what was in store. Here is what happened.

The Thang: No time for slow warmup. Warmup as we mosey. SSH, squats, weedpickers, mountaineer climbers, merkins. Mosey to the track. Time to focus on explosiveness, speed, and toughness.

  • 10 burpee broad jumps (each jump counts for 10 yards)
  • Run around the track.
  • 8 manmakers (each manmaker counts for 1 point)

Repeat 7 times for 700 yards and 56 points. For rounds 5 and 6, switch to just a broad jump without a burpee. This was for time’s sake and to recognize the offensive contribution of the defense. But mainly for time.

Indian run back with stops for ATM and lunges. Finish the morning with a low plank to exfoliate Meatball’s elbows. That’s a phrase YHC never thought he’d write.



  • Great turnout. Nice to have Tebow visit and bring an FNG. Welcome Tigger.
  • Popper starting to keep up with the lead dogs. Nice work.
  • OU plays Texas on Saturday. Repeat with the stats from Saturday?
  • Looks to be cold Wednesday. Don’t let that be an excuse to fartsack. Saint 2O will keep you warm and toasty.

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