AO: Austin Elementary

When: 11/24/2018

QIC: Scout

PAX (): BiBo, Green Bean, Madoff, Seles, Sleeper


How many days can you eat Turkey? Since we all had a few pounds to drop I thought I would serve up another dose of my last Q with a few new sides. The heavy rain passed but the wet and drizzly stuck with us. The other theme choice was Rivalry week and there was some mumble chatter about GT vs UGA, UNC vs NC State and who was going to dot the I. Rumor has it that the Hokies beat the Cavaliers for a last gasp in their season. Eventually six souls (anytime you are ready Sleeper) went thru the workout at the hands of Scout. The PAX: BiBo, Green Bean, Madoff, Seles, Sleeper, and Scout posted this AM at Austin Elementary for a workout. The Thang:

In-cadence, SSH (20), Imperial Walkers (20), Mericans (10) rinse and repeat then Sumo Squats (20) LBC (20), Mountain Climbers (20) rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the bottom of Dunwoody Knoll for a series of driveway to driveway exercises:

Backwards run, Karaoke, FlapJack, Warrior Lunges, Broad Jumps, Bear Crawls up and back, Sprint to top, Mosey to bottom, repeat 2 X. After 2 at the bottom we did some Mary I/C with LBCs (25), ABCs (25) and Heals to Heaven (25). Repeated the driveway routine to top of the hill.


Cherokee Run with 5 Mericans off the back to WSTC. Up to tennis courts for Mary I/C first: ABCs (25), LBCs (25), Heals to Heaven (25) and flutter kicks (10) for Sleeper who was confused by the letters A and L. Next was 11s: Step ups and Derkins (OYO)


Cherokee Run back down Roberts to Austin. In memory of Darth Visor we lined up with a partner toe-to-toe, shoulder-to-shoulder and arm-in-arm to do Navy Seal Sit-ups (25) lots of closeness and mumble chatter. 10 Mericans OYO and 10 Sumo Squats finished us off.


COT: Seles took us out

Sleeper had a prayer request for kids struggling and stressing over school. Also prayers for everyone traveling over the next couple days. Finally, prayers for Darth Visors’ family that spent their first Thanksgiving without him.

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