Happy Planksgiving

AO: The Hooch

When: 11/23/2018

QIC: Sneakers

PAX (): Saint20, Flo, Splinter, Boomer, Feathers, Sneakers, Downhiller, McAfee, Sunshine, Popper.

After a day of food, football, family, and more food, some F3 style Planksgiving was the order of the morning.


Warm up and the Thang inspired in part by our Puritan fore-families and the indigenous peoples that have historically been called Indians.

We got started with a Turkey Trot mosey around the track, SSH, Windmills, Weedpickers, and American Hammers.

The Thang:

After a gentle warm-up, the Pax circled up for some Planksgiving.  With everyone in the plank position, the Pax took turns offering up thanks.  Once all Pax offered up some thanks, we recovered and moved to pick out our favorite cinder block coupons.  Coupons were Zamperini’d to the stairs of the track.  Pax partnered up to share the fun.  Partner 1 started with holding plank, while partner 2 farmer carried both partner’s coupons up and down the stairs then flapjack.  Two rounds for each partner.  After 2 rounds, planks were replaced by American Hammers for 2 rounds, then Upright rows, and lastly step-ups on the amphitheater seats.

After a quick 10 count, the pax took off for an Indian run around the pool, through the parking lot and back to the track.  Coupons were collected and return to their resting spot.

The pax continued with another round of planksgiving, then another Indian run to the hill for some triple nickel.  Up the hill for copperhead squats, down for tempo merkins, up for squat jacks, down for carolina dry docks, and back up for a round of mountain climbers.  YHC sadly ran out of nickels so the triple nickel came up short after a single round.

This was followed with a mosey back to the pavillion for some lengthy Mary.


Feathers work travels causing stress for the M at home.  Splinter sharing praise for a great improvement in health for a family member and prayer for continued improvement.  McAfee lifted up his young niece (and her family) who is dealing with going blind.  Popper has another closing scheduled for the sale of his house.  Prayers that it will go through smoothly.

Much thanks for the men of F3 and The Hooch who inspire me, challenge me and encourage me to be a better man.

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