Swampy and the BANDit

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/21/2018

QIC: Swamp Donkey

PAX (): Raider, Haggis, Ariel, Hat Trick, Rusty, Queen, Grande, Sell Out, Thumper, FNG - Couch, Aflac, IBeam/Uno, Zima, Flip Flop, Turbine, Bear, Squegee

YHC has used Therabands in the past for, well the “therapy” part of theraband, and other workouts. Took a crazy idea and RAN with it. Moseyed to the lot above the lake where we did a quick circle up to do the disclaimer, SSH for the 6, disclaimer done, resumed mosey to the big field.

Warm Up
SSH x 15
Imperial Walkers – who knows
Merkins – 10, in cadence with Q calling up/down

The Thang
Partner up, grab your band mate and lets play 4 corners!
Corner 1 – 50 Squats ea with band in turn // partner 2 does Merks until partner 1 is done (switch)
Run to corner 2 – Bernie Sanders with the band around waist and partner along for the ride to add resistance
Corner 2 – 50 Curls ea with band in turn // partner planks (switch)
Run to corner 3 – Run the 100 yds with the band around waist and partner along for the ride to add resistance
Corner 3 – 50 Lateral raise with band // partner SSH (switch)
Run to corner 4 – Other partner Bernie Sanders like above
Corner 4 – Reverse LBC with partner providing resistance with band over knees
Run to corner 1 – Other partner gets to do the pulling for the 100 yd return
After round 2, we did 100yrd dash with partner in tow, swap and return
Indian Run to flag and done.

No one is running a race on Thanksgiving??
FNG – Welcome “Couch” who is a CLC regular and decided to join in since there is nothing else to do from 0530 until CLC opens.

This F3 thing has changed me, physically and mentally. Today was good. I wanted to bring something new and did. Figured the bands would get more flack than they (only a couple of yoga jokes) did but I took the chance. The bands were fine. My lack of confidence in my plan was not. I screwed up a few times because I was thinking ahead (were there too many Pax, did we have margin to adjust) and messed up small (no one remembers the Imperial Walker count, I know!!) details of the moment. Own your decision. Execute your plan. Adjust as necessary, if necessary. And take the smack talk like a man…and dang the Pax were mouthy today!!

Happy Thanksgiving Men – Swamp Donkey is gone fishin’

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