Dodgeballs, Triangles, and The Bronson

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/19/2018

QIC: Raider

PAX (): Sellout, Bear, Trunk, Swamp Donkey, Thumper, Crab Legs, Rusty, Ariel, Hat Trick, Haggis, AFLAC, Bronco, Zima, Raider

After YHC joined F3 two months ago, decided take a dive into the Q pool.  As the Q list was already full through the rest of the year, AFLAC was the victim of a V(Q) doing an override on his slot.

YHC started the morning a little earlier than normal as the BD required some pre-setup.  Once the 14 PAX had gathered by the flag at 5:30 (flag not physically present but there in spirit), they headed to the tennis courts where F3 mood-inspiring lighting was added for the warm-ups.

Warm-up 1
11 Windmills
11 Toy Soldiers
11 SSH

Warm-up 2
6 Dodge balls setup in the middle of the tennis court, with PAX lined up on each sideline.
PAX race to dodge ball using the indicated exercise. If opposing person is hit with a dodge ball, then they perform 2 donkey kicks against the fence. Catching a ball was also 2 donkey kicks, and throwing and missing opposite person was 1 donkey kick.
Round 1 – Bear crawl
Round 2 – Crab walk
Round 3 – Duck walk
Round 4 – Lunge walk

The Thang 1 – “Bearmuda” Triangle
Left the tennis courts and moseyed to a lesser known area of the park. Arrived at the far north soccer field where PAX noticed strobe lights setup 30 yds apart in the shape of a triangle. YHC assured the PAX they did not get lost at the airport, but rather had encountered the infamous Bearmuda Triangle where PAX must bear crawl between each corner of the triangle and perform the indicated number of Burpees.
Corner 1 – 1 Burpee
Corner 2 – 2 Burpees
Corner 3 – 3 Burpees
Rinse and Repeat 3x

The Thang 2 – Charles Bronson
After conquering the Bearmuda Triangle, the PAX moseyed to the more familiar football field in the middle of the park and gathered around a white board with a picture of a famous 70’s action star. After several PAX correctly identified the picture as the one and only Charles Bronson, YHC gave the run down on the elements of the routine.
PAX performed the indicated exercise in the near end zone, then sprinted 100 yds to the opposite end zone marked with glow sticks, and then dropped to do an Army Crawl for the final 10 yds, finally moseyed back to start for next exercise. Did hear a few complaints on the dampness of the field for the Army Crawl – but Bronson would have taken on the full effect shirtless.
50 SSH
50 Merkins
50 LBCs
25 Burpees
50 Jump Squats
25 Burpees

Headed back to the flag at 6:10 for 1 round of Freddie Mercurys.
No announcements.
Prayers for those traveling for the holidays.
Some PAX headed for coffee.

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