Partner Cusack

AO: Atlas

When: 11/20/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Squeegee, Bear, Smackdown, Sprocket, Booger (FNG)

YHC got on location early to explore more, looking for extra available coupons.  Definitely need to plan in advance more… Found gates locked and the big tires unreachable… Dang!  Moving on..

The pax trickle in 0530 hits and YHC throws out an awful disclaimer, but it does the trick.

Short mosey to the field house to grab some cinders for a warm-up.

SSH – 25 IC
Merkins – 15 IC
Cindy Swings – 10 IC
Cindy Press – 15 IC
Curls for the Girls – 15 IC

The Thang
Leave Cinders and retrieve 4 stone and 2 timbers.
Two cinders were loaded on each timber for a partner cusack.
Group 1 partners raised timber and cinders above head, cusack style and hauled the load about 50 yards and performed an exercise while Group 2 partners performed an exercise with the stones.  Here’s how it looked.

Group 1 Partners – Cusack 50 yrds, 10 team squats, cusack back
Group 2 Partners – Perform stone cleans until they return
Group 1 – Cusack 50, 10 shoulders to shoulders, cusack back
Group 2 – Stone cleans and squats
Group 1 – Cusack 50, 12 chest presses, cusack back
Group 2 – Stone cleans, squats, and presses
Group 1 – Cusack 50, 10 curls, cusack back
Group 2 – Stone cleans and squats
Group 1 – Cusack 50, 10 team BBS, cusack back
Group 2 – Stone cleans

Return stones and timbers
Mary with Cindy? Hmm.
Flutter kicks with Cindy overhead – 30 IC
American Hammers – 15 IC
One more?.. Maybe..  Return Cinders and mosey to the flag.

Couple MOM
Kobe – 15 IC
Dying Cockroach – 15 IC

FNG this morning brought on by probably some major EH’ing by squeegee.  Welcome Alex, aka Booger!

Safe Travels for all pax and families this week.

Uno – Out…

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