51X7= Cupcakes & Coffee

AO: The Gladiator

When: 11/20/2018

QIC: Spandex

PAX (): Viking, Tebow, Shrinkage, Kegger, Floppy, Delicious, Skid, Postal, Defcon 2, Scar, Stroller, Spandex

After the obligatory disclaimer, 11 Pax began to mosey to get this Birthday Q underway.  Just as we were about to take a left out of the parking lot, headlights came around the corner.  Some of us were thinking, it was bound to be Puddle Jumper, arriving late like he has done for so many beatdowns before.  As it turns out, it was Viking strolling in at 5:16.  We immediately took a right and circled the parking lot allowing Viking some time to fall in place and now we are 12.

We had a short mosey to the pavilion parking lot towards the park entrance and circled up for warm-o-rama!  I told myself that I was going to do something new for these monotonous warm-ups, but fell into the old standby.  B o r i n g!


10 SSH

10 Windmills

10 Weed pickers

The Thang:

After the warm-up, we had a very short mosey to the pavilion to get this beatdown started.  Since YHC was turning 51 today, the number of reps reflected this throughout this beatdown.

Picnic Bench 51

25 Step Ups then 25 Leg Lifts

26 Step Ups then 26 Leg Lifts

We headed out from the pavilion and had a short uphill mosey to the parking lot at the park entrance.  While on the mosey, two bucks were spotted and Scar and Viking got a little excited.  No, this is not a hunting land feed plot.  Mosey on!!!

Once we reached the parking lot, we revisited 4 corners, which we hadn’t done since the inaugural beatdown on June 19th.

4 Corners 51

Corner 1: 25 Merkins

Corner 2:  25 Jump Squats

Corner 3:  25 Carolina Dry Docks

Corner 4:  25 Big Boy Sit Ups

Plank for the 6

First set complete 25 reps

Rinse and repeat with a second set of 26 reps

After completing 4 corners, the Pax moseyed back down the road to the soccer fields for something new.  Thanks to a little research on Slack, YHC came across a post by I-Beam talking about Bonnie Burpees.  The Pax lined up on the baseline to receive instructions.

Bonnie Burpees Suicides with Bear Crawls

10 Bonnie Burpees at 1st penalty box run back to baseline, run back to 1st penalty box and then bear crawl to midfield.

10 Bonnie Burpees at midfield and run back to baseline, run back to midfield and then bear crawl to second penalty box.

10 Bonnie Burpees at second penalty box and run back to baseline, run back to second penalty box and then bear crawl to far baseline.

10 Bonnie Burpees at far baseline and run back to baseline and complete the final 11 Bonnie Burpees.

Yep, that was 51 Bonnie Burpees with bear crawls!  Great job Pax!!!

We still had about 8 minutes to go, so we did a lap around the field incorporating, a mosey, carioca, backward run, and finished with carioca.  With a few minutes left, we headed back to the flag for some Mary.

Stroller started us off and then Scar chimed in as well.  We finished with mountain climbers and then recovered.

It was a pleasure being able to Q on my birthday and I appreciate the men of The Gladiator very much!  Thanks, Guys!!



  • Congratulations to Tebow for getting a new job!
  • DC2 contributed a very important and timely PSA regarding trash pickup.

 Prayer Requests:

Nicole to have a speedy recovery from her foot surgery so YHC doesn’t have to continue feeding her eggs.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Nicole, my M, made a terrific batch of cupcakes for the Pax.  Nothing like a post-beatdown treat of cupcakes and coffee!!!

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