Home Depot Bucket Beatdown

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/16/2018

QIC: Goat

PAX (): Smackdown, GreaseMonkey, Squeegee, Rooney, Thumper, Bieber, SwampDonkey, HatTrick, Bear, Queen, AFLAC, I-Beam, Grande, Haggis, BooBoo (FNG), Sprocket, Crablegs, DD, Deadbeat, Goat

Home Depot Bucket Beatdown

This morning a pyramid of Home Depot buckets greeted the PAX on a frigid Friday for a Birthday Q Bucket Beatdown.


This morning we were honored to welcome Shane Stephens (FNG) to our brotherhood. It was great to have him for his first and hopefully many more beatdowns. Since Bear invited Shane…he was appropriately given the name BooBoo.


After greeting Shane and the obligatory “I’m not a professional and exercise at your own risk speech”, we all grabbed a bucket and moseyed to the football field parking lot for a short warmup.


Warm up was quick and to the point.
15 reps of side-straddle hops, mountain climbers, and imperial walkers.


After warmup, PAX moseyed to the football field so the QIC can bring the bucket-O-pain for (1) a different kind of workout (2) QIC didn’t want @Bear to call out anyone for poor exercise form. You don’t want that. His wrath is second to the one and only @mufasa.


The Thang:
QIC demonstrated the exercises before the beatdown began.


Bucket Crossover Merkins:
With the bucket on its side, Perform 1 merkin. While in the plank position, crossover to the other side of the bucket and do another merkin.


Bucket Big Boyz:
With the bucket standing between your feet, perform a Big Boy and touch your elbows on top of the bucket.


Bucket Squats:
With the bucket underneath you, perform an air squat until your butt touches the top of the bucket, then back to the standing position.


Round 1:
Perform 10 Bucket Merkins, Big Boyz, and Squats, then run to the 50-yard line and back. Do this until you get to 50 pushups.


Round 2:
Perform 10 Bucket Big Boyz and Squats, then run to the 50-yard line and back. Do this until you get 100 Big Boyz.


Round 3:
Perform 10 Bucket Squats, then run to the 50-yard line and back. Do this until you get to 150 Squats.


…Rinse and Repeat.


At 6:07 am all PAX moseyed back to the flag for a couple rounds of merry.


It truly is an amazing testimony to the F3 brotherhood that 20 people would come out in 30-degree weather for a BDay Q.


Come out on Tuesday mornings for F3 Atlas. Every week you will enjoy a memorable beatdown.


Hog-wallow is going strong. If you have not attended, what are you waiting for? You and I know you need the mileage. Even @VirginaSlim makes an appearance.

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