Caesar’s Head Revisited

AO: Shadow

When: 11/13/2018

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): Fizz, Manhole, GreenBean

Manhole and Fizz reminded me that we are close to 1 year out from our F3 trip up to Leon’s in-law’s place in Caesar’s Head, SC. Last year, we posted on Saturday AM, and a smaller group of elite (CORE :-), manly men, posted again on Sunday. The PAX that day included YHC, Manhole and Fizz, the same PAX we had today, as many scaredy blue-pill popping girls decided to fart in their beds this AM.

The rain was light and we proceeded with warm-ups:
Follow me out Vermack entrance to Womack, back up to shovel flag area.
SSH’s IC x 12
Toy Soldiers IC x 12
MC’s IC x 12
Imperial Squalkers IC x 12
Rinse and repeat (switched out squalkers with Low Slow Squats in Rd. 2)

The Thang: (copied from The Wreck workout I did on 11/5)
11’s: Donkey Kicks (high) starting at south facing wall of DHS facing Womack, run down for Stone Mountain Pushups at second median
Then follow me to track for Mary:
Kobe Bryant’s IC x 12
J-Lo’s IC x 12
Manhole: “Why did you choose the hard track for those?!”
Follow me over to bleachers for SUPER 21’s:
1 Squat/1 Dip, 2 Squats/2 Dips, up to 21. Solid work by Manhole! Fizz had to leave at 6 to catch a flight to Djibouti.

Follow me up steps to parking lot for:
LBC’s IC x 20? Then called exercises:
1 man stays doing called exercise, while other sprints down to 2nd median and back.
-Heels to Heaven?

Circle up under light pole for : Mason-Twist IC x 20.

Thanks to Fizz and Manhole for your loyalty. May you go forward in life with the force, and may the force be with you. Remember to always start slow and taper. Semper Fi.


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