The Few, The Proud

AO: Shadow

When: 11/10/2018


PAX (): Fireballs, Scout, Sleeper, Green Bean & Manhole

Today we celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the creation of the Marine Corp. Your Q was not a Marine, but his father was, and your Q wanted to share some Marine Corp lore he grew up learning.

The Thang:

22 Merkins –  Marine Corp created on 11/10/1775
3 sets – 10 x imp walkers, 10 x mtn clb, 10 x sumo sqt
22 Merkins –  Eagle, Globe & Anchor the symbol of the Marine
Mosey to benches
1 set – 10 x step ups, 10 x prisoner squats
Mosey to Nature Center
22 Merkins –  Motto Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful (once a Marine, always a Marine)
5 x 20 yd Bear crawl/crab walk repeats
22 Merkins –  Battle of Tripoli 1801 Lt. Presley O’Bannon takes the city of Tripoli from pirates
5 x 20yd sprints/backward run repeats
22 Merkins – Halls of Montezuma otherwise known as the Battle of Chapultepec, Sept.  1847 Mexican American War
20 x lbc, 20 x low flutter, 20 x abc, 20 x low dolly
22 Merkins –  John Mackie 1st Medal of Honor for his actions on the Galena May, 1862
20 x box cutter, 20 x high dolly, 20 x leg lifts, 20 x lbc
22 Merkins – Battle of  Belleau Wood June, ‘18. Marines stop the German advance saving Paris
5 x broad jump/inch worm repeats up hill
22 Merkins – Battle of Guadalcanal Aug ‘42, Marines win the first battle of the war against  Japan
60 yd hill repeats
22 Merkins – Battle of Tarawa, Nov, ’43, Marines wade 500yds to get to the beachhead and take Tarawa
Mosey to school
22 Merkins  – “Frozen Chosen” advance in reverse, Jan. ’50, Korea
Wall sit/step combo – 45 sec ea
23 Merkins –  Battle of Khe Sahn, Vietnam
The Marines are 243 year old we did 243 merkins.

My father says that Marine legend it that the sons of Marines born on 11/10 are to be named Presley in honor of Lt. Presley O’Bannon, hero of the battle of Tripoli. Your Q just missed this honor by being born at 2:00am on 11/11.

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