Mucho Maniacs

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 11/10/2018

QIC: Pellets

PAX (): Devito, Cookie, Mayhem, Special K, Genie, Lowes, Kegger, Shrinkage, Honey Boo Boo, Zima, Catfish, Boomer

Maybe it was the cold air or a full recovery from the drinks during the Thursday night 2nd F @ Loyal Q, but YHC woke up gearing to go on Saturday.  Devito worked to break a man’s spirits throughout leading the pre-workout 5.5 mile run with pain stations but YHC was too cracked up with the fact that Catfish showed up with a minute to spare expecting a gentle 3 mile Ruck at 0600 but walked into a pre-workout slugfest.

Coming around the last turn of the run noticed there was a crown gathering and awesome to see a few new faces out to check out The Widowmaker.

Warm Up:


13XWeed pickers (fastest cadence award in F3 Alpha region)

The Thang:

Starting at the trailhead by the gazebo the Pax was instructed to grab a rock and deposit for future use.  We started with The Mucho Mile which consisted of performing a Mucho every 1/4 mile for a total of 200 pushups by the end of the mile.

From there we grabbed our rocks and headed to the Pitch for 4 corners. Starting at the first corner we cranked out 25 skull crushers, 2nd corner 25 bent over rows, 3rd corner 25 curls, and 4th corner 25 squats.  At the last corner we cranked out another 50 curls as the Bi’s were burning from holding rock throughout the workout and getting a jump on beach season next Spring.

Next up was a quick mosey over to the stadium steps for a Dora 1-2-3 of the following:

100 Derkins

200 Box Jumps

300 Squats

While partner was feeling the burn the other man was running up the adjacent hill exit stage left and running down the trail to the parking lot and back.  Heard  a few birthing pain moans during the box jump portion of this exercise.  The stadium steps at the Widowmaker are of grown man nature and YHC was reduced to doing a back step and then jump up to gain momentum which was noticed by my partner Devito with a “dude, what the hell are you doing?”

With 15 minutes to go and aforementioned new faces I felt an obligation to show them why the call this AO The Widowmaker and visit the hill of death.  We collected at the base of the hill and cranked out another Mucho set stopping at 5 points along the way as we ran back up the hill.

Mosey down the trail and back to the flag where Zima led us in a few rounds of Mary.  With 1 minute remaining and a poke of the Bear Zima called out for a “give all you got” sprint to the top of the parking lot and back.  Carnage ensued and we collected back short of breath for COT.


-Freshly dubbed Twisted Surprise being led by Devito every few weeks as a pre workout starting at 0600.  Check social media for updates on the next round its a can’t miss.

-Lowe’s wife going in this Wednesday for surgery.  Keep their family in your prayers.


Continuously amazed at the camaraderie of F3 and guys out there busting it on the reg to get better.  Everyone of us might be a touch nuts (not many of our fellow men out there working out in the cold and gloom)…but pretty sure you can count on these same F3 men that are willing to stand up and make a positive impact in the lives of those around them.  Keep EH’ing fellow men there’s an army out there that needs to be part of this community.

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