Bonnie Burps again!

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/09/2018

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Goat, Divot, Thumper, Swamp Donkey, Deadbeat, Bieber, Sprocket, Haggis, Aflac, Grease Monkey, Squeegee, Jackalope

YHC heard the rain at 0430 this morning, contemplated “sleeping in” for 30 more minutes and skip my run.  2.0 got up for his morning ritual of using our bathroom before being walked backed to bed.  At this point, what was the use of snoozing a couple more minutes…

Arrived at the park early and got 3 miles on the dot completed before the beatdown. (10 of 100, YES! Only 20 miles behind pace….)

0530 and we moseyed, backwards, side ways, the other way, all but forward to the BA Hill? Mulberry Mountain? Malbec Mountain? Listen, it’s be awhile, ok?!

Bottom: SSH 30 IC
Top: Merkins 15 IC
Bottom: Imperial Walkers 20? IC
Top: Squats 15 IC
Bottom: Mountain Climbers
YHC thought about staying there awhile and count out a bunch of exercises, but was getting a little winded with all those hills and counting.
Top: Mosey (forward) to the Gridiron

Thang One:
YHC decided to share with more pax the love Bonnie Burps can bring.
Bonnie Burp = 1 Bonnie Blair + 1 Squat Jump + 1 Burpee
Line up on the goal line for some Bonnie Burps Lt. Dan Style
4 lunges to 1 Bonnie Burp
We made it all the way up to 20 lunges and 5 Bonnie Burps (10 count) before turning around and working our way back down.
That equals only 25 of each exercise, but it SUCKED!
Another quick 10 count and we moseyed (back to the hill)

Thang Two:
Partner up for Dora 1-2-3
100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 BBS
Partner 1 starts the exercise while partner 2 runs the hill, up to a specified point, back down and take over the count.
Mary was performed until the 6 completed… pretty sure all pax completed the reps before taking a mosey (backwards) back to the flag.

Couple MOM
Merkins, Plank Jacks, This and that.  Show up next time if you want more information.

Run tomorrow starting at 6:15 from Riverside Park (3.5 miles out and back), 5k race to begin after for those running it.

Enjoyed the time with the pax last night for the 2ndF, great turnout!
I know I have been semi-absent from the group, seems like I left it in good hands with Aflac.  I feel guilty when I go to the gym on Monday mornings (just can’t put it down) because I know there are a group of great men pushing each other (directly or indirectly) and I’m missing that. Whether it be selfishness (gym on mondays..), new work schedule (travelling a little bit more) or just being fair to my M that is a God send for me and our children, I do what I can to get out there.

2019 is fast approaching and I will also be making a commitment to spread my love of Bonnie Burps to the rest of the Region. Starting on December 31st, I will be the Q Monday through Saturday at various locations.  I challenge the men of the Wreck to take advantage of the Q sheets that are out there and spread the love, meet new men and create a stronger community in the Alpha Region.

Uno,  Dos, Tres (maybe) Out!

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