4-by-40 Birthday Q

AO: The Rubicon

When: 11/08/2018

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Lowe’s, Mayhem, Kruger, Lumberg, Pitstop, Fabio (visiting from F3 Knoxville), Zima, Cookie, Jackalope, Special K, Devito

Tomorrow YHC moves into a new decade of life, so today consisted of a series of 40’s to celebrate. 11 joined the party including Fabio visiting from Knoxville … awful nice of him to make the trip just for my birthday Q. Or did he say he was here for work training?  Can’t recall … brain’s already getting fuzzy with age. No matter, we started with a warm up mosey around the lot with karaokes, backwards run and butt-kickers in the mix. Circle back by the flag for 10 each SSH, weed-pickers, imperial walkers and mountain climbers. Yep, adds up to 40 … theme develops. To really warm up we then moved on to 2 rounds of circle burps. But wait, 2×11 is 22 … must be more of those to come later.


Mosey over to the rock pile to pick a medium-large coupon and head on down to FOD home plate. Here we start the 4 by 40 rounds. Round 1 is chest and arms. 40 merkins at the right field foul pole, 40 dry docks under the outfield scoreboard, 40 diamond merkins at the left field foul pole and 40 coupon curls at home plate, running between stations. Merkins for the 6 (put some pain on dem rabbits).  6 OYO burpees (pop, there they are again … keep count). Round 2 4 by 40 was legs. 40 reps each of star jumps, right leg lunges, left leg lunges and coupon goblet squats at the same stations. 6 OYO burpees. Round 3 was abs with 40 each flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury, LBCs and rock v-ups (YHC regretted this one). 6 OYO burpees … yep, count ‘em, that’s 40.

We still had time to burn so we gently deposited our coupons back in their home and headed to Grits pavilion. 20 IC dips followed by 20 OYO step-ups. Remember, theme is 40 so rinse and repeat. Next up we shifted to 20 derkins (oh yeah, que the lactic) and 20 raised leg sit-ups. Rinse and repeat to get our 40. Now back to the flag for Mary. Called Pitstop first and we got some American Hammers. Next called Jackalope who through out IC diamond merkins (apparently not truly understanding the meaning of Mary). And with that, we’re done.


– Prayers for events going on in Pitstop’s life currently.

– 2nd F tonight at Loyal Q on Old Milton at 6:30 or so.

– CPR training this Saturday 0900-noon. Hit up Turbine for details or to HC.

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